EA gives BattleForge away for Free

From "EA announced today that its recently released MMO strategy game called BattleForge is now a Play4Free title. The game was recently reduced to $29.99, but EA has now decided to make the game free."

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mrv3214067d ago

I am downloading now, this should be good/fun, allthough I hope my thing is powerful enough to run it.... I'll have to speed it up somehow, maybe I'll uninstall stuff or better yet upgrade to windows XP from Vista.

Jdoki4067d ago

Well, no surprise.

Paying for a mediocre game, then paying more for booster packs is just not a good business model.

I think most companies have got this model wrong. The video game has to support the trading card game, not the other way round.

If EA had launched BioForge for free right from the start, then maybe people would have supported it by buying a few booster packs.

But this leads to another problem... Paying for virtual items. Paying for an ultra rare virtual card is not the same as buying the real thing, I just don't think it has the same appeal.

ThanatosDMC4067d ago

I agree, the game had good promise... but after playing it. I was like... hmmm... i wasted my life.

Cant believe i bought the game off of steam though. Can i get my money back???

mrv3214067d ago

Well I've tried to play but I cannot conect to the servers which considering EA is no surprise but due to the large amount of people it's understandable.

BranWheatKillah4067d ago

I really like the concept and thought the game was fun but I completely agree with a F2P design. You're making us buy cards to continue playing so give us the game for free.