Red Steel Controls Being Revamped?

Considering how much freedom the Wii controller gives players, it was a little disconcerting when Ubisoft revealed you wouldn't actually have free-form control during sword-play in Red Steel. Instead, players were to swing different pre-set motions with the controller, which the game would translate into a specific attack.

Then, on Tuesday, The Game Feed published a report saying the development team at Ubisoft Paris had announced a redesigning of the game, citing some difficulties the studio was having in "refining the sword-fighting." Nowhere in the report does The Game Feed state Ubisoft confirmed they were working on free-form controls; they simply speculated.

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Killswitch5810d ago

If they give us freedom with the sword play I'll be so happy no lie. I read an article from Nintendo UK that we will see a big diffrence in Reed Steel graphics in the up and coming screen shots soon to be released, can't wait..

YoJ1Mbo5806d ago

They really give companys too much freedom in commercials right now. Every Wii shot I've seen on tv makes the controller appear much better than it actually is. These people (any game/system company that puts out a commercial)lie to us on a daily basis and it shouldn't be allowed!

achira5806d ago

yes you are right, every company only wants the money from the customers. but thats the way things flow, you cant change that.

mikeeno75805d ago

This article just proves my queries on whether the Wiimote will be accepted as a mainstream controller. The PS3 controller is just plain odd...