All New Heavenly Sword Information. May Release?

The Official UK Playstation website has recently been updated. With it, a new description of 'Heavenly Sword'.

All appears normal until reaching the meat of the description.

"Battle through lush environments with operatic grace and style taking your fight to the clouds, over water, through tree-tops and more."

This suggests that the fighting on water that was shown in the original concept trailer has made it into the final game. In addition to 'Crouching Tiger' style fighting in the tree tops...and in the clouds.

"Enemies employ complex squad-based fight choreography and can attack one-on-one, in groups of several dozen, or even in battalions of thousands, pushing real-time AI to levels unseen before."
The AI is described more fully here than before, with thousands of enemies and not hundreds being mentioned.

"Wide range of objects and weaponry including multi-skewering spears and devastatingly explosive bazookas."
The weaponry involves more than the three stances of the sword, it is confirmed here that there will be "wide-ranging weaponry", perhaps more than just the bazookas and spears.

"Featuring the acting talents of Andy Serkis, Steven Berkoff and more"
Another highly acclaimed actor is added to the cast. Steven Berkoff has appeared in 'Octopussy', 'A Clockwork Orange', 'Star Trek' and voiced in 'Killzone' the videogame. He is also an acclaimed playwright, author and director.

The updated website also lists 'Heavenly Sword' as releasing in...May 2007.

(NB: Although this website is new, they may have been using old information. However, May 2007 has never been listed on any other official website.)

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jwatt4275d ago

This is the next big game for the ps3 and I would buy one this month if it's coming out in May. This game looks beautiful!

techie4275d ago

"Battle through lush environments with operatic grace and style taking your fight to the clouds, over water, through tree-tops and more."


raidu4275d ago

I'll have to buy PS3 for that game..thats first title that i want to play from that platform:)

JohnCarpenter4275d ago

I like the idea of different fight styles. Was already nice in Jade Empire. Hopefully it's more important to chose the "right" style to have an additional tactical component.
This game could really rock!

Violater4275d ago

September the earliest, if it comes in may its Rushed

techie4275d ago

lol! 4 years is not rushed! They said it would be a launch title originally! They said it was all finished and were just touching it up last month...

jwatt4275d ago

They showed this game over a year ago and it still looked good so I think May release can happen.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4275d ago

this game has been in dev. for a long time.

i think there just waiting for the right time to put it out.
and the right time is may.

but maybe not.
we`ll find out soon.

Siesser4275d ago

For the longest, it had been intended to be a spring release. With a time frame in mind, you'd have to assume they were close to finishing, and that the delay is just fine-tuning and optimising. I'd believe they could have it out in May; it's so weird hearing NOTHING about games though; so anti-Sony.

And Anego, I think that is the BEST profile name I've ever seen anyone use :D

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Zhoutai4275d ago

My my, its gonna be a good month =). And a depletion in my Wallet =( but I think it's well worth it

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The story is too old to be commented.