IGN AvP First Look

IGN have posted a first look at the upcoming Aliens versus Predator by Rebellion games for X360 and PS3. The demo they played is from the Predator portion of the game and I must say it sounds sweet.

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robaloi3433d ago

Gotta say had another look and the graphics look pretty awesome, Just hope the marine portion is as bed wettingly scary and atmospheric as the first AvP!.

Rockox3433d ago

Whatever happened to the Aliens: Colonial Marines game? Did that get scrapped along with the RPG? I've never really cared much for Predator, but at least I'll still get my Aliens fix one way or another.

PirateThom3433d ago

Still in development as far as I'm aware. 2010 release.

free2game3653433d ago

hey I'll put this in the PC section but PC gaming sucks so I wont mention it in the description!