The Top Five Hoax Game Consoles

With April Fools fast approaching this Sunday, its time for the yearly tradition of fake news, bogus systems and wild, baseless speculation.

Which is why I've felt its most appropriate to compile this list of the top five hoax game consoles. Would you have purchased any of these if they actually did exist?

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WTF4276d ago

Its a shame that the Nintendo On was a hoax,maybe in the future they will make it part of the Wii experience in some way.

Xi4276d ago

like to see the phantom in there.

Norad64276d ago

link is broken. Oh, and the Phantom is a real console. It's out but it's just a PC with a game download service.

PureGamer4276d ago

hey look at the first one, thats Microsofts new console upgrade next year.

ENNO4276d ago

sorry about the link guys but its been removed from the source!!