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From the feature article:

"It takes a lot to standout in this day and age of cookie-cutter video games, with sequels and last-gen remakes infecting every aspect of our daily entertainment intake. There are two very popular categories or genres for next-gen video games to fall into right now, first-person shooters and open-world titles. Whatever the draw is to these two genres it has developers and publisher flocking to push out as many games as possible, whether or not they are the least bit innovative. Last week we had the chance to check out an upcoming "open world" action game from developer Radical Entertainment and publisher Ativision titled Prototype. During the event the "Grand Theft Auto" comparisons were flowing and when looking at the game from a general point of view it's easy to see why. Once we sat down and put our hands to the controller Prototype instantaneously differentiated itself from all those other open-world video games, and by the end of our playtime we were thoroughly impressed with what it had to offer."

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UltimaEnder3527d ago

Game looks freaking awesome and should be anticipated by all open world game fans, anyone who likes action, mature action should keep an eye on it as well....

Great preview!

MURKERR3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

in the space of a month is nuts,lets hope this gets good reviews like infamous

Danja3527d ago

Sounds good looks like the extra time did this game well , looking forward to it....

hopefully it's pretty lengthy

SL1M DADDY3527d ago

It will have to sit on the back burner until I am done with inFAMOUS. After playing the demo about a half dozen times, I am ready to get my zap on!

king dong33527d ago

infamous is now a day one for me...i was more than impressed!

and after that, i will pick up prototype for the 360. it's win win if you own both consoles

DelbertGrady3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

As long as you don't have inFAMOUS inANUS you should have no probs appreciating both games.

raztad3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

@king dong

It's enough to own a PS3. Prototype ISNT a 360 exclusive.

Prototype for sure will be a fun game, at least in the short run. Those guys are the same developers of Hulk:UD and that was a pretty fun game.


Sorry buddy. Perhaps I forgot you were talking as a mainly 360 owner that happens to have a ps3 :D

king dong33527d ago

thanks for telling me something i already know!

kevnb3527d ago

that hulk game was fun, this should be good too.

MazzingerZ3526d ago

Sorry but I've been playing VG for 30 years now and I can tell you Prototype will bomb (in relation to those high expectations)...people can say "it's fun"...well, "Monsters vs Aliens" is also fun.

and the only sanbox lovers that are winners are those that have the possibility to play inFAMOUS.

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Valkyrie833527d ago

Good article, the game looks very interesting to say the least....well written and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed playing it so much....June can't come soon enough!

hoplo3527d ago

great article. i do see the grand theft auto comparisons you mentioned. i always enjoy open-world games because you have the freedom to step away from the story and do your own thing. but this game looks good and thanks for the preview!

nix3527d ago

GTA IV is least of its concern. inFamous would be the right game to compare it with. every one would be doing so. GTA IV was a let down. lucky are those who can afford both games.

TheRealSpy023527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

actually, i wouldn't compare either game to gta. i'd compare infamous to crackdown and i'd compare prototype to the hulk.

but obviously, since both games are over-the-top open world games that are releasing within 2 weeks of each other, they will definitely be heavily compared.

nix3527d ago

my point exactly. and... Prototype is more like a Hulk remade.

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The story is too old to be commented.

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