Mobile Magazine E3 Preview: Will We See a New Sony PSP?

Mobile Magazine writes: "We are just one week away from the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, so that also means that we could be just one week out from several big announcements from some of the biggest companies in the video game industry. It's there that Microsoft will be showing off its Wii Remote-like motion-sensitive controller, for example, but the guys at Sony may have a few tricks up their sleeves as well."

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Sev3432d ago

Yes ABSOLUTELY 100% we will.

Chris3993432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

I have a 2000 right now, but want the brighter and glare resistant screen of the 3000 model (and presumably the 4000, or whatever it's called).

I'm the WORST person when it comes to patience. But I don't want to buy a 3000 if it's going to be outdated in a week. Honestly, E3 can't come soon enough. I really like the idea of a UMD-less PSP, I just don't want all my software to go to waste. (Such as Crimson Gem Saga, which comes in today.)

fossilfern3432d ago

I hope so iv been holding out on getting a PSP since these rumors started

llMurcielagoll3431d ago

in fact, all will be revealed on the E3. Why rush it? Why spread rumors? The E3 is few weeks away. I won't believe anything until I see an official release from an official Sony or playstation website.