$400 guitar controller heading for stores

iTWire writes: "The Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller for PS3 and PS2 features a wooden neck and body with a rosewood fingerboard and metal frets for a more authentic feel.

"Everything about the Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller is premium – from the authentic wood material and flawless black finish, to the noise-dampening design of the strum bar and buttons, to the authentic accents provided by the metal frets," said Nick Angelucci, Logitech Australia's product and marketing manager."

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xabmol3431d ago

I wish I had money to throw away.


Myst3431d ago

Yes you that price you might as well just either: A. Get the other system (Whether you have PS3 or 360), B. Upgrade the hard drive, C. Buy other games, D. Get a real guitar.

Then again didn't activision make an Ion Drum set as well priced at around 300 or so..? Wonder how that went.