Gaming Union: Patapon 2 Review

Gaming Union writes:

Patapon 2 is a charming little number that is incredibly catchy. For those who have played the first game from Sony's Japan studio, a lot will seem very familiar at first glance. Patapon 2 has still got the same rhythm loving cyclops that themed the last game, and are still mixing their very own genre of game.

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mephman3436d ago

This game actually looks pretty solid. Definitely an improvement on the first one.

xabmol3436d ago

Once you pick it up, well, just make sure you don't have any plans for the next week.

Seriously, crack has nothing on Patapon.

Pon (>0.o)> Pon <(o.0<) Pata (>0.o)> Pon!! ^(0.0)^

Lord_Ash3436d ago

Yeah it's better than the 1st but boy it's hard, it takes me a couple of tries to finish one boss fight now but still an excellent.

"Don Dodon Dodon = Follow Me"