New Dream C Club trailer is full of panty shots

Gamer Limit writes: "A new trailer for the upcoming hostess seducing game, Dream C Club, has been published and put up on Xbox Live Japan. Once again the trailer neglects the gameplay mechanics and just focuses on jiggling breasts and panty shots."

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Light Yagami3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

A killer app for the 360.

LOL @ the [email protected] reporting and disagreeing with me.

Wakka_3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

It won't come out here because it's too saucy yet violent games are allowed. Weird morality in the US, ya?

Thugbot1873430d ago

More or less the Fiminist lobby would complain. Jack Thomas and a few other who aren't so big name are the main people against violence in video games (Small Lobby).

big shadow3431d ago

that was............strangely cute

Fullish3431d ago

lol, awesome.
Panty shots.

JQ3431d ago

Those breasts have minds of their own.

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The story is too old to be commented.