Feed Your Console Review: GTA Chinatown Wars

Feed Your Console writes:

The DS has far too few rated M titles. GTA: Chinatown Wars is heaven sent. Extremely addictive playing style that any fan of the series, and non fans will, could and should love.

The graphics and animation are smooth and above avg for a DS game. In fact you'll find yourself having to remind yourself that in fact this heavy hitter is in fact operating on DS hardware, its that impressive with little to no load times. Sound and audio are crisp and hilarious at times (citizens and their obscenities to your actions..gotta love it). Gameplay is very addictive and the missions more like mini games within the man storyline. You still have the option to take fairs in taxis and all the other side jobs you'd expect from a GTA title. Rockstar did not skimp on any of the details.

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