Activision Promises Five New Guitar Hero Games For 09

The Extortionist at E4G writes
"Will 2009 be the year of the "Guitar Hero" glut?
Sure seems like it. Activision Blizzard recently promised no fewer than five new games from its "Hero" family of games. There's "Band Hero," a top-40 version of "Guitar Hero." There's "DJ Hero," complete with a new turntable controller, and "Guitar Hero 5," the next full version of the game that started it all."

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knox3436d ago

i'm getting sick of this franchise :\

Myst3436d ago

I...really don't know how to take this I mean Guitar Hero: Metallica was well received by quite a few so maybe this may be a good thing; but overall It's getting to the point where I'm starting to wonder why so many additions to the name brand of Guitar Hero?

El_Colombiano3436d ago

DJ Hero? Turntable? Bullsh*t.

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The story is too old to be commented.