Studio Ghibli RPG Looking Good

Last we heard, Studio Ghibli were taking their sweet time providing the art and animation for Level 5's RPG Ninokuni. One look at these new screens will have you understanding why.

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qface643434d ago

i don't know why when i saw this i got really excited for some reason
now i want this!!!

hay3434d ago

Because it's Studio Ghibli... Miyazaki and Hisaishi making a game :| It's something I've never dare to dream off but now it's getting to be true O_o

Here's a trailer.

Gameplay looks fantastic. Wow, I'm speechless.

The Great Melon3433d ago


Your avatar tells all. I only recently started watching Studio Ghibli movies, but I am amazed at the atmosphere that you are immersed in while you watch them. Although I am in college, I still enjoy their movies and have become a fan of them. I hope their game will be as good as their movies.

xodee483433d ago

Big fan of both Studio Ghibli and Level 5, cant wait to see how this turns out like.

SpoonyRedMage3433d ago

Ah the DS gets all the best JRPGs. This will be a great addition to my already robust collection.

kewlkat0073433d ago

would be laughed at. That's why I love the NDS.

PSP is also hitting the strides with JRPG's have you gotten a chance to check this one out?

Crimson Gem Saga

Looks good.

UltimateIdiot9113433d ago

Don't forget that Level 5 RPG with the paper robots coming to the PSP.

I wouldn't go as far to say NDS get all the best JRPG. I would say handheld in general. You can't forget FF7:CC, Jeanne D'arc, FF: Tatics, etc.

Redempteur3433d ago

at least the psp and ds give me some rpgs to play ..

There are some on HOME consoles but not enough ...on PS3 and wii for me to be happy right now ...
Fortunatly , staring this year the amount of rpgs released seems to change .. ( for the best )

hay3433d ago

@4.1: You serious? I would wank myself to death with this game in full 1080p-Miyazaki-Hisaishi-Level5 awesomeness.

PS360WII3433d ago

4.2 don't forget about Ushiro if you want to talk Level 5 and PSP ;)

Though yes the DS certainly gets the brunt of goodness with RPGs and PSP gets it's fair share as well.

Anyway Glad this game is getting wind under it's wings it'll be a good thing once this is released ^^

SpoonyRedMage3433d ago

I was talking more about the fact that the DS just keeps getting more and more RPGs not actually saying DS JRPGs>All others.

But yer the handhelds rule...


PS360WII3433d ago

Indeed. Handhelds rule :) more people just need to go ahead and stop thinking lowly of them and start buying them up. After all the DS needs to get to 150mil+ ;)

ButterToast3433d ago

Crimson Gem Saga looks F'ing amazing. I just hope the story is up to par.

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specialguest3433d ago

I love everything that comes out of Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli is the the only company I keep track of in terms of anime.

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