Unjustifiably Overlooked: Folklore

Gamer Limit writes "It's a shame how poorly Game Republic's action-adventure Folklore sold considering how fantastic the story and the sixaxis implementation are. After seeing its abysmal lifetime sales from the NPD, I felt compelled to give this gem a little justice. "

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Blackcanary3433d ago

to complete this game finish all the side quest which i haven't done.
And complete it with both characters and collect gotta catch them all lol i'm 24 and i still watch pokemon lol. But 100% right though this game was very Overlooked.

himdeel3433d ago

...Folklore is an amazing game.

FPShooter3433d ago

I agree. this is one of the most underrated title this gen (In my opinion). I really enjoyed it and I wish more people had given it a shot.

raztad3433d ago

This and Heavenly Sword suffered a similar fate. A criminal nitpicking because they were the first generation (post launch) of exclusive PS3 games, those were very good days for the 360 and it was very edgy to trash talk the ps3. Two beautiful, enjoyable games tear apart by biased reviews. Folklore got a lot of 7/10 as did HS. It just made people reluctant to get them.

Jamegohanssj53433d ago

That's the next PS3 exclusive that I've missed that I am going to pick up. I've picked up Lair and Heavenly sword, but it's kind of hard to find Folklore for a good price. Seeing as I got HS for 20 and Lair for 16. If I can find Folklore for 25 that would be awesome. I enjoyed Heavenly Sword. Now Lair had its hits and misses, but some parts you just loved. My favourite was looking for the water.


chrisjc3433d ago

I'd say this game is hands-down better than Heavenly Sword by a long-shot. That game was over in 5 hours, with 0 reason to come back to it.

Homicide3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

@Jame, I went to Wal-Mart today, and they had loads of games on sale for $10. Folklore was in there. Well worth it. It has one of the best stories this gen.

WildArmed3433d ago

This and Valkriya Chron. are top rate games, yet sales lack.

Keith Olbermann3433d ago

needs trophy patch. I would get it again if this happened.

3433d ago
kylo123432d ago

I haven't played this game or valkyria chronicles, but I keep hearing that they're good. Maybe I should try it out.

specialguest3432d ago

I too need to finish the game. There was nothing wrong the the game. It was actually a well developed game.

SL1M DADDY3432d ago

That did not play this game. It was fantastic and if you love any other monster hunter title, this game has your name written all over it. It has a beastery that was huge and fun to collect. The game, graphically was ahead of its time too and the game play was phenomenal. The reviews were poor because everybody was on the "hate on Sony" train and it was not until the following year that the train came to a halt.

OGharryjoysticks3432d ago

Get Folklore first because it's a little better overall and since it's older it might be harder to find.

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DEADEND3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

I can't wait until they come out with a second installment for this game, you never know they might announce it at E3 like they did for MAG last year.

kewlkat0073433d ago

Wasn't bad though I hated the knocked down animation...just way too clumsy and I loved the music. I do recommend...

GiantEnemyCrab3433d ago

Great soundtrack! Didn't really enjoy the game too much.

There is a demo available so no excuses for any PS3 owner not to try it.

SkankinGarbage3433d ago

Moreso than Metal Gear Solid 4, moreso than even Valkyria Chronicles, this is the game that really makes me think, "DAMN, I wish I had a PS3."

goflyakite3433d ago

I think it mostly has to do with the time it was released and the genre. By the time I got my PS3 (two Christmas' ago) it had been out for a few months. And since it was a new IP that I didn't know much about, choosing it over the many other games that I had to catch up on would have been a tough choice to make.

I still want to play the full game someday because I loved the demo.

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