Why Prototype will Rule inFamous

"We were able to play inFamous and Prototype and we have the verdict of which game is better and will rock this summer! Which one will come out on top?"

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Why o why4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

it didnt take long did it ¬_¬

anyhow if prototype is anywhere near as good or better than Infamous then some of us will be in for a double treat ...Simple, get both....if u can

eddyka24060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

agreed, and why would they use violence as one of the factors? I don't care how much violence a game has as long as it's fun.

The General4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I played Prototype as well and it's garbage compared to inFamous :-/
See how easy that was.

Now that we're back to our senses, right now only one of those games has the reviews and the reviews say that inFamous is a GOTY candidate. the Previews were also great for inFamous but they're iffy for Prototype. I really doubt that Prototype will get as good of reviews as inFamous.

And one more thing. They forgot two categories: Graphics and Gameplay which I believe inFamous easily does better in based on the Prototype previews and the 9's and 10's for inFamous.

O and Correction:
inFamous: 5/5 - New Ip - possibly best open world superhero game
Prototype: 2/5 - The Hulk but doesn't need to transform. Been there done that. NEXT.

Natsu894060d ago

This must be a xbox fanboy article ...
They put all their hopes into Prototype as if it were a 360 exclusive.
Well Ps3 guys get both :P
Well but they don't get that :/

Unbiased14060d ago

So what if it is better? US PS3 owners get both

heroicjanitor4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

What is up with you? Earlier on you said you were selling your ps3 because europeans weren't getting psn cards...

And why are they being compared? I thought we only compare exclusives, but if prototype is better how is that a victory for the 360? The ps3 has it too...

Also love how they decide violence should get a score... Maybe infamous should be better because there is less violence?

TOO PAWNED4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Prototype is beat em up

Unbiased14059d ago

I was just mad at Sony for not getting PSN cards, i am over way i am selling "the beast"

Lifendz4059d ago

how all the people that complain about fanboyism dont complain about these articles. I guess cuz it's an article slamming a Sony exclusive. Whatever. I'm buying inFamous and renting Prototype. If Prototype is that ish, I'll buy it too. That simple.

Can't we all just play the games?

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Godmars2904060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

If Prototype scores 8 or better the console war score will be:

PS3: 2

Xbox 360: 1

Why started this particular rivalry, I have no idea.

Cajun Chicken4060d ago

Nicely said, but the 360's going to get the equivalent of Infamous as an exclusive with Crackdown 2 and with any hope, everyone'll be happy!

Godmars2904059d ago

No, then just like we have 360 fanboys clinging to Prototype as being superior to Infamous, they'll be lording Crackdown 2 over the PS3. Just like they'll be talking smack if the 360 version of Prototype sells more than either the PS3 version or Infamous.

Marcelles254059d ago

crack down isn't confirmed (it will probably happen tho)
its totally different
cell shaded

the only similarity would be open sand-box game

KingsofOmega4060d ago

So no comparison of graphics, physics, actual fun factor, AI, replay value, length, value for money or any of that stuff, instead we get an comparison talking about how more gore makes one game > another game.

Lame comparison tbh.

BubbleSystemSuck4060d ago

Why i dont care?
because i buy infamous AND prototype

jmiol-on-psn4060d ago

This is what they have to say,,,me i can't wait for tomorrow to play infamous.

We were able to play inFamous and Prototype and we have the verdict of which game is better and will rock this summer! Which one will come out on top? Read below now!

In-Game Powers

You will be playing as Alex Mercer, who has the ability to absorb other beings and take on their appearance, memories and abilities. Even better than that, he can altar his form into a variety of flesh-carving, tank-smashing shapes such as razor sharp claws and powerful body armour.
Powers Score - 5/5

Cole McGrath has the power to manipulate electricity in a variety of exciting ways. He can do everything from projecting concentrated beams of electricity to throwing sticky balls of the stuff.
Powers Score - 4/5


Every screenshot you have seen would probably have blood and guts flying through the air. The best part is when absorbing others, you produce a bloody whirlwind of body parts.
Violence Score - 5/5

Frying a reaper and watch him do a thousand volt tap dance is as brutal as it get's unfortunately.
Violence Scoe - 3/5

In-Game Freedom


Mercer can run up the side of a building before leaping off and gliding back to earth. If you're not into that kind of thing, he can hijack helicopters and tanks too. The only real parts of New York that seem to be off limits are inside buildings.
Freedom Score - 4/5

Cole can stick to almost any surface. He can't quite crawl up the side of buildings but he makes the most of cracks and drainpipes. He can even use telephone wires as tightropes.
Freedom Score - 4/5


Mercer is simply out for revenge. Hurling tanks and snapping people in half doesn't affect gameplay at all so you may as well be as evill as possible.
Moral Score - 2/5

At certain points of the game Cole is forced to make a split-second decision that will divert him from a superhero into a villain. The karma system will provide an extra layer of death.
Moral Score - 4/5



Some of Mercer's powers are combined from some of the greatest games ever created. The most original part of the game though is the node system that unlocks the plot.
Originality Score - 2/5

inFamous will definetly cause deja vu. From Coles use of electricity based abilities to the plot and power altering karma system there's very little here that you won't have seen before.
Originality Score - 2/5

Overall Winner: Prototype - Just an excellent game with all the violence you could ever want in a game. inFamousis brilliant also but Prototype just snatches it.

The General4060d ago

No need to give this lame biased site any hits. Stupid flamebait article. inFamous is still Day 1 for me.

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