Microsoft's E3 '09 Conference: Let's play bingo

Joystiq writes:

"We're one week away from the industry's biggest event, and Joystiq wants to play prediction bingo! For our second annual E3 Expo bingo cards, we've decided to poll our entire staff for their safest and wildest predictions for each of the big three media briefings.

Today we look at Microsoft -- since it's taking the stage first. Click on each of the squares for more information about our predictions. Microsoft's E3 press conference is scheduled for next Monday, June 1, at 10:30 am PT (that's 1:30 pm Joystiq Time / ET). As always, we'll be liveblogging the event, so you can play along in real time with us."

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cronaldo73435d ago

Major Nelson promising MEGATONZ:

"I will guarantee, if you win tickets, you're going to see things that are once in a lifetime."

e: "Yeah, the winners of the tickets will look back on our E3 conference and say 'yeah I was there when they announced that.'"

WhittO3434d ago

You see, i get like 50 disagrees saying MGS on 360, and not MGS4, a whole new game.

I can almost guarantee that this is what they will announce!

Hope Sony knows this and has a few themselves.

peeps3434d ago

i'm not gonna blindly argue like sony fanboys do lol but why can you almost gruarantee that mgs will be coming to the 360. Like what is currently pointing to that being the case?

WhittO3434d ago

Well, that is the only thing really that would be like "OMG".

Even though obv i could be totally wrong, i think the one thing that would "shock" everyone so much as these are saying (i doubt they would hype it so much if it wasnt good).. would be a MGS game exclusive to MS.

Or how things are going, i wouldnt be suprised if MS bought SE haha (but thats i bit of a stretch like)

peeps3434d ago

i'd say it's more unlikely than likely tbh but anything can happen. Theres nothing really stopping them bringing MGS to the 360 but looking at the past, it doesn't seem likely.

With SE, although it was a shock to see a fanchise like ff go multi, if you look at recent events, it wasn't like SE was shy at developing for the 360.

Chances are they will have something big though. too many questions atm so hopefully they'll be answered next week :D

SpoonyRedMage3434d ago

I don't actually see MGS going to the 360 but it'd be nice if it did for all the people with no PS3s.

I want to see some new first party developments though, especially from Rare.

Anon19743434d ago

Along with Mii Shuffleboard, Mario All Starz Lawn Bowling, Let's Nap, and for the kids Fluffy Girl Unicorns, Sonic Kindergarten and Wave that Funky Wand for Irritating Noises!

Ah, the Wii. Hat's off to Nintendo for their success, but man oh man...I just couldn't get into that system. And I tried. I had that system for well over a year..I really tried to like it.

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jack who3435d ago

besides the boo ray n the mgs 4 that list is gold

artgamer3434d ago

MGS4 is officially the most wanted game ever in the history of mankind.

siyrobbo3434d ago

Well they better deliver something or im jumping over to the dark side sooner than i anticipated

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