Spare Change? Saints Row

Aaron From That Aussie Game Site Writes: "First impressions mean a lot; just ask your girlfriends parents. This is especially true when it comes to video games and why so many attempts at video game marketing and promoting miss the mark so badly. My first impression of Saints Row was 'do not want'.

For me it had plenty of black marks against it. Clone of another very successful game series practically doomed to be mediocre? Check. Annoying rap focused gangsta lifestyle that seems to only appeal to lily white thirteen year olds? Check. References to 'bling', 'being strapped' and holding your gun side ways? Check, check and check. A friend actually bought me the game as a gift not long after its release and it languished in my cupboard up until about six months ago when a moment of restlessness prompted me to drop the disc into the tray for a spin.

About six hours later I managed to talk myself into going to bed for at least two hours sleep before going to work."

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