McDonalds entering the game industry with McNuggets 3D?

The famous hamburger maker has a new campange in Hong Kong where each sold McNuggets meal card with a unique AR code shall be given. Now you probably think, why is it just as interesting for a videogame website? However, as with Assassin's Creed 2 webcam augemented reality trick McDonalds has a similar webcam game. Entirely in the spirit of the, yes, the McNuggets. And it is very creative!

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Mindboggle3437d ago

Im pretty sure they had a game in the snes or genesis or something called MC and I think one with the hamburgler. Both were terrible....

Shadow Flare3437d ago

I think one of 360's secret e3 exclusives has just been blown

Panthers3437d ago

McDonalds had a game for Genesis where you shot slime and fought slime monsters. It was hella fun. I never did beat it though. It was hard.

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YeOldeGamer3437d ago

McDonald's must be getting desperate if they're bundling games with their consoles...I mean nuggets. :o

poindat3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

All of you McDonalds fanboys sicken me. While I'm chilling with curly fries and grade A beef, all of you losers are gobbling down that trash. I mean, come on, Jack in the Box not only uses superior ingredients, but it also has a MUCH more varied menu. I could list at least 10 EXCLUSIVE items only available at JitB. Suck on that McLosers.

(Hey, this is N4G, what did you expect?)


deshon093437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

fu*k jack bk is were it at best frys flame broil beef milk shakes and the king were else can you get star treck glasses lol or you can go to hardy and get a monster buger

poindat3437d ago

Burger King is even worse than McDonalds. REAL food enthusiasts go to Jack for there needs. That sh*t is right up there with those high class steakhouses. Hell, I've managed to compile comprehensive statistics proving how bad Burger King is. 33% of all orders are either undercooked or just plain wrong. That is NOT acceptable to fine connoisseurs like me. I know nobody in real life who has had an issue with Jack. Oh, you can try and spin the numbers however you want, but when it comes down to it, Jack is clearly on top.


xabmol3437d ago

I have to agree.

Jack's Spicy Chicken is the best chicken sandwich from any fast food place.

They also have the best freakin' french fries ever! Aside from Rally's/Checkers, but that's all they do right.

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The story is too old to be commented.