PlayStation LifeStyle: inFAMOUS Review

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"The production values are high, the graphics are incredible, and the physics interactions are addictive to watch. Though there is some noticeable LOD (level of detail) pop in at times, the framerate stays rock solid during even the most intense combat situations. Sucker Punch has taken the core concepts they established with Sly Cooper on the PS2 and matured them. This is evident in the platforming, more than anything. Cole's journey is very lengthy, yet never feels overdrawn or misdirected. There's enough freedom in the story progression that you feel both liberated and comfortable in how you decide to push through the story. The Karma system only serves to enhance this, making every runthrough unique. This is one of the best game releases of the year, and secures Sucker Punch's reputation as an innovative and incredibly talented development team."

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Forrest Gump3522d ago

And the AAA scores just keep rolling in for inFamous,congratulations Sucker Punch!

Sev3522d ago

Run Forest Run, to your local retailer and buy this excellent game.

I am pretty far into it myself, finished a whole district 100%, and am a decent way into the second district. The game is phenomenal.

I am enjoying it more than I did Killzone 2.

Ghoul3522d ago

i second that sev

same progress as mee 100% first quarter and deep into the second, i love tis game.

Why o why3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

100% on 1st 2 islands about 80 on the last. 27 of 32 deaddrops 17 of the stunts and about 250 of the 300 shards. Still need to do the evil side but im sure that will be easier as there are more people to accidentally kill on purpose;)

keeps pulling me back.


im not sev but the pop is noticeable especially when you're on the trains. Not a game breaker by any means but definitely apparent

Raf1k13522d ago

Since you've got the actual game, are the pop-ins as noticeable as they are in the demo?

The demo ones seem to me to be pretty noticeable when not in combat

Daver3522d ago

well at least form the demo the game is awesome! Cant wait to try it tomorrow

TIKUP3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

please may i have a bubble back?


Ghoul3521d ago

lol @ disagrees check my ps3 profile i have the game and im playing it.

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-EvoAnubis-3522d ago

Loved the demo, and it was awesome!

DRUDOG3522d ago

I've ran through the demo five times. Best demo ever, I wish more devs took the time (or had the time) to put something together like it. Couldn't believe how long it was.

As polished as the demo is I guess it just proves that the game really is ready to go and wasn't pushed up to beat out Prototype (like some fools theorized).

I preordered through Amazon and will have to wait until I get back from Hawaii next week to fire this up (no, I'm not complaining, just want to get into this game. I love the sandbox genre).

Awesome review.

-EvoAnubis-3522d ago

I too was shocked at how long it was. When I first played it, I thought that mission at first would be it; but four missions and plenty of time to free roam? Very nicely done.

Sev3522d ago

Meh on the review? Or meh on the game?

DoucheVader3522d ago

Don't listen to Colbert. He knows not what he says. LOL :P

WildArmed3522d ago

Sev its not good to tread in the open-zone.
You won't find any sane comments here ^^

Sev3522d ago

Steven Colbert is a nice guy, which is why I ask for clarification.

He isn't one of the normal open zone trolls.

WildArmed3522d ago

if ya say so,
I just come here once in awhile to kill trolls
:/ usually backfires, but what the heck.

Trey4Lyfe3522d ago

Colbert is not a troll, but its okay we all make mistakes.

goflyakite3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

He trolls both sides.
Which makes it ok.

TheColbertinator3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I don't troll.I carefully criticize with logic...mostly.Sometimes I go for a ride...


lmao nice work with the shapes

II Necroplasm II3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Play Beyond Colbert.

Δ O X □

Edit: lol You got to be hip these days to get noticed.

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Kain813522d ago

it was a Good read.

On Topic: I have played the Demo yesterday and i must say its a MUST BUY.
Iam fully agreed with the Review, Sucker Punch did a Great Job
here. Now i hope that Rockstar will bring GTA5 exclusiv for the

Sev3522d ago

Actually Kain I didn't review it. One of my lead editors did, John Draisey.

I don't review games often, as I tend to give them games we get for my staff.

My recently reviewed games were Resident Evil 5, and Street Fighter IV.

Jinxstar3522d ago

Yeah Sev this game does look freakin sweet. I can't wait til tomorrow.

You should check my SF4 review on here. I'll go read yours =D

deckard5793522d ago

awesome review...i can't wait for gamestop to open it's doors.

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