Proposed Bill would have Fiber Conduit built into every new road

MaxPC: "Depending on where you check your stats, the US ranks anywhere from 15th to 22nd in broadband speeds, falling way behind other countries such as Iceland, Denmark, and even Canada. The broadband problem in the US gets even worse as you move out further into the rural areas where some communities have the choice of dial up, or if they have a ton of money to burn, super high latency satellite. This is a problem that won't be solved overnight, but a new bill proposed in Congress last week by Democratic Representative Anna Eshoo, might just be the long term solution everyone is looking for."

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Kakkoii3522d ago

Would be great if this bill went through. The USA could sure use such a plan. Current ISP's are raping people will expensive, yet sh*tty speeds. Not to mention the network throttling/shaping going on with a lot of ISP's. A fiber optic network across the country would be a big boost.