PixelJunk 1-4 officially named PixelJunk Shooter

Dylan Cuthbert writes: "Anyway, we are now proud to announce that the name of the game has been picked! It will be called PixelJunk Shooter."

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Forrest Gump3437d ago

Gonna buy it as soon as it's available.

Chubear3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

... I think my entry was much better - Pixel Junk Cascade - and I know of many entries that were much better and more captivate than "Shooter".

That's just a Blah and totally dull name for this game. Anyone that knows little to nothing of the game would think there's a FPS or TPS element to it and shooters aren't normally associated with puzzle solving so this name doesn't give people a good sense of it's experience in this game IMO.

Every single name I've read so far on this topic is way better than "shooter" The most fun one I like and best I've read, apart from mine, is PJ Splunk. PJ Rescue makes great sense but PJ Elements would have been very suitable too. ARGH! now every time I play this game that name will bore a frikgen hole in my mind and I'll have to fight back the erg to scream "WHY THE * DID YOU PICK 'SHOOTER'!!" lol

gaffyh3437d ago

I'm sure it'll be a great game, but that's the biggest fail of a name ever. I mean MAG is a better name for God's sake. I came up with PixelJunk Elements, even in the video interview the guy said "the whole point of the game is to use the elements against each other"

primordialmeme3437d ago

They even had a contest to come up with a name! And that's the best they had? Seriously weaksauce.

Chubear3437d ago

I think PJ Shooter is likely voted by a majority of Q games fans as THE WORST NAME for this game.

Doppy3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

How unoriginal. Really Pixel Junk Shooter.

I'm surprised the first games weren't PJ Cars, PJ Towers, and PJ Garden jumping swingy thingy.

I thought of Pixel Junk Shooter, but it was so generic that I decided to use Pixel Junk Rescue since you have to save the little people like things. Guess I should have stuck with Shooter.

Shadow Flare3437d ago

They should have called it PixelJunk Game

Cwalat3437d ago

Lame name =P

I entered the contest and filled in: Pixeljunk Elements, fits with the game perfectly and it has nice sound to it. How "shooter" could've topped that is beyond my understanding...


Close_Second3437d ago

...I submitted "Underworld" as my suggestion.

The name is not really an issue for me but Shooter makes it sound like a game that requires only an itchy trigger finger which I hope is not the case.

Tomdc3437d ago

name might not bbe the best but the logo rocks

Face Palm3437d ago

“PixelJunk Shooter” is pretty weak, actually. I think “PixelJunk Splash” sounds much better; it actually has an identity.

It’s never too late to change the name ;)

Every PJ game is great except "racers' that game is terrible!

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Dom63903437d ago

LOL I wish id thought of that =[

Monsignor3437d ago

I don't understand your facepalm. Were you expecting an elaborate name? You have "Racers", "Monsters", "Eden", and now "Shooter". I don't know about you, but the name fits like a glove.

Marceles3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

I'd expect a less elaborate name if a contest wasn't held, but they had people use 1% of their brain power only to choose Shooter, which doesn't take even 1%....or .5%.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33437d ago

Yeah, but I thought they were supposed to of had some contest where they let the fans name the game. Pixel Junk Splunk - now that was the best name I heard(the game does seem to take place in a cave afterall).

Really though, this game looks similar to Eden, which is kind of disappointing. I thought Pixel Junk Eden was kind of boring.

Jinxstar3437d ago

I just feel with the Indy vibe of it people might lump it in with "everyday shooter" or get bad connotation and stupid posts by say "fox" or "time" going "OMG it's so different from the first game every day shooter".... I think Pixel junk "blaster" or "Rescue" or "Shifter" or something might have been better...

SixTwoTwo3437d ago

Agreed. They held a contest for the name and PJ Shooter is what they chose.... *facepalm*. It doesn't really matter though because this is a day one for many people out there including me. I hope its a summer game.

Doppy3437d ago

Agreed there shouldn't have been a contest if they were going to choose shooter. They could have pulled shooter out of their own @$$.

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Dom63903437d ago

I thought they had started taking a more meaningful naming system since Eden but then they announce "Shooter" . I just don't think it fits, Q-games don't let me down like this with the final game!

Chubear3437d ago

I mean you go from PJ Eden to "shooter"? That's just crazy. They might as well have called PJ Eden - PJ Plant or PJ swing @[email protected] PJ swinger lol

Doppy3437d ago

LMAO PJ swinger

I said PJ Garden jumping swingy thingy

SpaceSquirrel3437d ago

At least the logo looks nice...

Sony Rep3437d ago

Awesome name no doubt.

Fits perfectly with its predecessors and the game

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