"No multiplayer or downloadable content for Infamous"

In an interview with the Belgian website 9lives Bruce Oberg, co-founder of Sucker Punch, admitted that it was a difficult job to release Infamous within time. "We had several mountains to climb. But two mountaints we could'nt climb due to a lack of time: multiplayer and downloadable content."

Will a multiplayer mode or downloadable content be released in the near future? "The employees of Sucker Punch are now on holiday, and at this moment we don't have the plans to do that."

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WildArmed3437d ago

didn't expect multiplayer in infamous at all :/

Ghoul3437d ago

me neither and im glad it doesnt have one, im getting a bit annoying by all these bad tacked on mp modes.

infamous is one hell of a game focused on sp and it works like a charm, i love it.

4pocalyps33436d ago

yeah apparently muliplayer defines what games good nowadays -_-' to be honest i loved the crap outta the demo and ive got my special edition preordered. cant wait for this game and glad that it hasnt got multiplayer since they can focus everything onto the sp.

Chubear3436d ago

Nobody is that stupid this gen not to get into the DLC market and Sony has shown that with all it's recent title that DLC is the way to go. They'll see how the game did sales wise and then when the team's back they'll work on DLC.

Isn't that the way it's supposed to be rather than having the content ready but purposefully not included on the disc?

No one expected MP for this game and since we get Uncharted MP beta with this game, that's like it's MP... kinda :P lol

Infamous will definitly have both HOME DLC and PSN DLC - book it. You'd be nuts to actually believe otherwise.

Jinxstar3436d ago

Really though how is this news. and how is this relevant... DLC or not it wont influence my day 1 purchase of this...

I_am_rushin3436d ago

I'm not sure, but I think this article is trying to say that their will be no DLC that adds online play, not that there won't be any at all.

harrisk9543436d ago

Don't know why every game needs to have multi-player and co-op... This is a "journalist" trying to create an issue where none existed just to get hits... it never ends ...

aksmashh3436d ago

Its Like A Double Edge Sword If Theres Going To Be A DLC (For A Price) People Are Going To Say There Trying To Rip Us Off But If There Isn't Its Like There To Lazy To Do It.

I Would Of Bought This Game If Had A Multiplayer Because Its Fun To Mess Around A City With A Friend (Like GTA) & Chat To Someone (If They Had Cross Game Chat It Wouldn't Be A Problem)

cranium3436d ago

Why Do You Talk Like This?

pain777pas3436d ago

Don't care whenthe game is good on its own.

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Cajun Chicken3437d ago

What about that code for the superpower?

xabmol3436d ago

I already downloaded my gigawatt blades.

DLC, no?

Cajun Chicken3436d ago

Getting that on friday, sacrificed chance of getting U2 Beta for the sake of Special Edition.

DavidMacDougall3436d ago

Being thats the title of the article it almost sounds negative? I think its a plus to be honest. Everything is on the disc and all the hard work went into the single player, im going to buy this 1st day.

Dimitri3436d ago

It would be even better if they expanded the fighting system..
The game would be even better if they implented combos which would lead to more powerful hits etc.. then they could have made a multiplayer..

They could also make CO-OP at least 2 player. Where you can run around with a friend, 1 hero and 1 bad boy ;p. Complete missions together and cause insanity in the city with the combo system..

Karum3436d ago

I think the only DLC that might come is the Gigawatt Blades for those who didn't preorder but that would be a few months off and peop[le might be finished with the game so it also may never come.

I can't see what kind of DLC would come for this game anyway. Yeah it's open world but it's also very story driven, any addition to the story will come in the form of a sequel imo and not DLC.

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