Digital Battle: Bionic Commando Review –Taking Fun And Completely Destroying It

DigitalBattle writes: "At the risk of dating myself horribly, I remember when Bionic Commando, now available for PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360, was an arcade game. Like in actual arcades. In case you haven't seen one lately, arcades were places where people would go to play video games. Sure, they had video game systems at home–most of them did, anyway–but arcades were the place to go to play the newest, the latest, and the best. They even had specialized interfaces–racing games would offer you a molded bucket seat with a steering wheel in front, and so on. But enough of my geriatric doddering–the takeaway here is that I remember Bionic Commando when it didn't look like a cookie-cutter of EVERY OTHER GAME ON THE MARKET."

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