Muscle March for Wii: Fun? Or Frightening? "Between news of Japan producing nothing but 'virtual rape simulators' (Nagisa-chan is crying now; hope you're all happy!), I look at a game like Namco-Bandai's Muscle March for WiiWare and I pause. On one hand, the title is cartoony and insane enough to become addictive on a subconscious level. Whereas other properties of suitable skin-revealing ilk pander to the erotic and carnal, Muscle March pushes for a more macho, adrenaline-filled, festive mood. Yet once you ignore all the wild gameplay, you're still left with the obvious: This is a game about half-naked, sweaty muscular men chasing each other. And that just sits some where around getting hot off the H-scenes in a dating simulation in terms of rational acceptability.

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Cajun Chicken4063d ago

LMAO a twisted game of Human Tetris/Hole in the Wall, nice.

ChickeyCantor4063d ago

The video makes me laugh every time i see it.

Nike4063d ago

Ravi's just being a homophobe. This game looks awesome. :D