GTA IV: Visit Vice City for $300

One of's users, Kevin Grandison, let them know about a thread in the GTAnet forums that is speculating about the possibility of GTA IV letting you travel to Vice City. A closer look at a frame from the recently released GTA IV trailer has revealed a billboard with an ad saying:

"Visit Vice City for $300"

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What you guys think? Can we travel between cities?

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Caxtus7504277d ago

well imo i doubt GTA4 is just liberty city with a face lift.....this is the first GTA to be a progressive in the series (after GTA3)

There is nothing new and worth a series progression about using an old city so im guessing either liberty city is expanded...or other locations are in the equation.

Premonition4277d ago

If they were able to create Vice city and SA in one big GTA IV game to visit back, this would be the best game of probably all time hands down, visiting some of the old characters from vice city and seeing CJ again and his crew in SA, and making the biggest gang war ever imagine woooooooooooo.

BubblesDAVERAGE4277d ago

These games were pushing ps3 to their limits how is it suppose to fit on 360 DVD9.....This game will be truly limited unless its multi disc....This is why 360 should have went with more disc space because games like this truly need it..Ateleast for RPGS and Sanbox games

SmokeyMcBear4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

yeah they said the pushed the dvd's to the limit for san andreas, so im not sure if its possible including all 3 cities with these graphics to fit on one dvd, it would be pretty sweet though, it would suck if they wanted to but had some space limitations


Its all good, I do agree with you about preferring more DVD's to a scaled down version of the game, but heres this.. I don't know about you, but when crossing the bridge, and having to wait for the loading screen was a pain in the but, I don't want to imagine, having to physically get up and change discs to go to another part of the game, but thats just me. Also, I don't think that loading one of the discs is going to be possible. Remember not all 360 owners have a Hard drive, it would be foolish to provide it, if not all owners can use it. Just my 2

Caxtus7504277d ago

yeah i agree. If the 360 meant GTA and indeed future titles were scaled down SIMPLY due to size limitations then i think that is a terrible step for the games industry in the wrong direction.

The problem is that the 360 is the most popular console at the mo so multi platform game devs will base their specs with the 360 in mind. I have no problem with multi disc'd games and would rather play a multi disc game on my 360 than a scaled down version.

And would a multi disc gta really be that bad? just changing the disc when entering a new city?...perhaps....and why not have the option to load disc 2 onto your HDD what with the new 120GB coming out. 7Gb of that is nothing.

Sorry for the rant :)

jay24277d ago

OMG, if this is true it shows that multi platform on the PS3 is a very bad thing.
one answer is to have the downloadable content for the game on the 360, the cities should all be on the PS3 disc, optional download content on the 360, the ps3 downloadable content should be excluvie to PS3 only.

bouncybullet4277d ago

every GTA game has had a billboard saying the same thing.
in GTA 3 there was a "take a vacation to Vice city" billboard.


real GTA fans would remember the ads.

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