What does Microsoft have in store for E3?

LiveSide is throwing our collective hats into the ring, with several predictions of our own as to what Microsoft will – and will not – be showing at E3.

First and foremost, with a release date slated for this September, E3 would be a perfect venue for a formal Zune HD announcement. A feature overview is likely, including demos of the device's gaming abilities, courtesy of the integrated NVIDIA Tegra GPU

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Forrest Gump3432d ago

An announcement that will go down in the history books and make people that attended say "yeah,i was there when they announced that" :)

Blaze9293432d ago

that was said on Major Nelson's podcast this week. So yeah I'm expecting big things from thief Press Briefing.

xwabbit3432d ago

Even if they didn't have something they would make something up and make a rlly pro video can called it a game but i know they'll have something

mrv3213432d ago

Doesn't it seem a bit premature. You know listening to PR people pre-E3, why don't we wait 'till E3, that would best, stops any hype or any hopes. No doubt Microsoft will put on a great show but what id they don't, then what, PS3 fanboys will be up in arms saying 2009 year of the PS3 etc... Microsoft fail to deliver. I'm not saying they won't they have some great first party developers, prehaps not as many as Sony, but quality does not= quantity.

I think sony will pull off and equally great show, and this is a great time for gamers. Even the Wii appears to be getting some more hard core games.

GWAVE3432d ago

Regardless of what is shown, the media will dress it up at "BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVARRRR!!!", just like last year and the year before.

I mean, let's be serious. Last year, Microsoft announced that a formerly-PS3-exclusive went multiplatform...and that's it. The PS3 is still getting it, so basically their biggest news (and it wasn't even their news. It was S-E's news) was a multiplatform game. Meanwhile, Sony announced several NEW titles, yet the media still screamed "OMG! PS3 IS DEAD!!!"

STK0263432d ago

as a x360 and Zune owner, I hope they announce some great stuff at E3, as I'd be happy to replace my Zune120GB for a Zune Hd if the specs are as good as what has been rumoured.

However, when it comes to gaming, I can hardly see MS making more than a few announcements. MS has very few first party studios, making it unlikely that they will announce an onslaght of new first party games. The PS3 has lost most of it's important esxclusive franchsises, as only MGS and FFV13 seem to be big franchises (ganes) exclusive to the PS3. Of course, MS could get their hands on stuff like the next ZoE, MGS or KH, but it's also unlikely that either of these franchise would go EXCLUSIVE to the 360, but a multiplatform release seems possible.

We'll have to see, but I for one believe that MS will put alot of emphasis on W7. Alot of gamers are still using XP, but if MS can show the potential of W7, they could get alot of cash from that.

Freak of Nature3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

"An announcement that will go down in the history books and make people that attended say"....... "yeah,I was there when they announced that" :)

Well that would be great,and this being my 11th E3 I would hope that this will be the best,it certanly has the chance...

As for Microsoft it can go either way at this point,depending on many things,plus individuals/gamers taste at the end of the day...

For example...The next Splinter cell and Mass effect 2,will they remain exclusive? And will SC be great,or just good...? You can put Lost planet 2 in this category too....

Just how good will Forza 3 be? And will HALO/ODST be more than a cash cow? Or will we be asking "where's the beef"?

Waggle this,waggle that?Is it going to be just a gimmick? Or something really promising? And just how much of what we see will be "casual"? I know their will be a heavy dose of Casual games,but will it consume the show?

What will Lionhead show? A game or two? And just what will it/they be?

Rare will probably show 2 games,could be 3 games.1 will more than likely be a casual game,and what of the other game or two? Most appear to want PD2 or KI.For me it would be "Conker" all the way,and or Kameo 2.If not these, a new IP,or some Rare Cart racer. Depending on what they show will determine just how happy or unhappy gamers will be...If it's PD2 for example,many will be thinking alot better of the big M's show,and if not Conker then guys like me will not be as happy...

Then come the Kingdom hearts and Kojima games? Will they come to the 360? If so,their show just got way better...

How about ZuneHD,that would be quite appealing to many I believe...

The new Epic IP could hold alot of weight,that can actually make the show for Microsoft.

Allan wake could be the game that tilts the Microsoft show to the good side.Will it show? I bet it will. But just how much will show? And how good is it going to actually be?

I want surprises,from both Microsoft and Sony,like the pleasant one I got at GDC 07' with LBP.Something out of no where,a creative,stylish unique game,taking risks and moving forward in thinking.

It's really up in the air as of now IMO for the Big M.I bet it will be good,even very good,but I want fantastic...

Defectiv3_Detectiv33432d ago

I really think MS's strategy, as far as games go, will be to aquire PC ports for their exclusives, seeing as how their first party support isn't their.

They already have Singularity lined up(pc port), and what's stopping them from going after the next episode of Half Life? There were a couple other PC ports that were mentioned, I just can't thing of them right now.

36T3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

is dumb as a post! It's quite easy to notice that this guy is a true PS fanboy.

When you take one of the biggest exclusive series that has been on a PS system since the beginning and announce that it will be going multiplatform, it is BIG news. The only reason you refuse to admit it yourself is because you are, without a doubt, uneasy with the decision.

Imagine if this game was exclusive to the PS3, would you not be one of the first trying to shove it Xbox owners faces?

Now head on back to the PS3 section before mommy comes to get you.

AssassinHD3432d ago

Actually a couple of your statements are incorrect. Final Fantasy could hardly be called the biggest exclusive, as Gran Turismo holds that honor. Secondly, Final Fantasy appeared on a Nintendo system long before it ever graced the PlayStation.

DelbertGrady3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Easy there, boys & girls. You know what's good about E3? The conferences aren't platform exclusive so we all get to watch them equally.

The Master Chief3432d ago

I can't wait, very much looking forward to hearing more about Alan Wake, Halo ODST, Splinter Cell, APB and Rare's game. Hopefully some Forza also.

36T3432d ago

Read over my comment again, i said "one of the biggest exclusive series" not "the biggest" like you say i wrote. BIG difference between the two. Secondly, i was responding to a PS3 Fanboy. I know the first games came out on Nintendo. Maybe i should've wrote that FF has been on the Playstation since the system launched.

Hopefully that cleared up some issues you had with my post. If not, come on back!

STK0263432d ago

About the ZuneHD, ZuneX or whatever it will be called if it even exists, I'd like to warn everyone about it.

As of now, the Zune as pretty much always been following the iPod. Having the same capacity, similar screen size, battery life, features, although the Zune has some the iPod doesn't and missing some features of the iPod. Their price is also quite similar. The Zune has pretty much always been one step behind, may it be only a few weeks behind, but never really ahead.

As a major handheld and multimedia player fan (I have an iTouch, DSi, PSP lite, iPod Classic, Zune 120GB, soon to have an Archos5), I would love it if the next Zune had all the features that some sites have been speculating about, and at the prie point they seemed to be pointing at. However, I can hardly see Microsoft outdoing Apple by such a large margin. I mean, a 120GB harddrive, touch screen, tegra GPU, onlive compatible, XBLA and Xbox Original compatible, HD videos, 2 sticks, etc. I can see some of these happening, but definately not all of these, or not at a "reasonable" price point.

soxfan20053432d ago


You and many other PS3 fanboys conveniently forget that MS also announced Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 last year - two of 2008's most popular and highly reviewed games.

Jaces3432d ago

Actually I've heard that Fable 2 did in fact not live up to the hype, and Gears 2 was a great game but the online was full of meh after you beat Horde mode, just got repetitive.

Whatever the case, I hope they announce something that will literally shove me off my balancing rope to get a 360.

Fleet Fox3432d ago

haha Jaces, you heard wrong bro.

Jaces3432d ago

Maybe I should have included this in the previous comment...

I intend to get Fable II and Gears, all I'm saying is that those two really didn't give me a reason to get the 360 when it came to last years E3.

God those disagrees are flowing baby, lmao.

NewZealander3432d ago

i hope to see some kameo 2, perfect dark 2 and maybe something else from rare.

from lionhead i want to see some new info on whatever they are working on, apparently they have atleast two games in development so bring it on!

i would also like to see some playable halo ODST, alan wake and splinter cell conviction.

anything else is a bonus, i wouldn't be surprised if the camera rumors are true, and will probably be showcased with rares racing game they mentioned awhile back for XBLA.

then theirs always 1 VS. 100, and i'm sure there will be a few other surprises.

whoever wrote this article seems way off when they mention viva pinata 3, i seriously don't see a third game on the horizon, how much more could they do with the game?

but as for a gears of war 3 trailer, well i guess thats possible but i'm not holding my breath.

Fallen_Angel3432d ago

This article didnt nothing but reprint popular rumors about what MS is going to show at E3.

Personally I think MS has something big up their sleeve theyve been very tight lip all year. We already know about Forza 3, Alan Wake, SC, ME2, the GoW2 expansion pack and Halo odst. Given that all those titles (beside ME2) could be release this year thats already a fairly impressive line up.

Its reasonable to assume Rare, Lionhead and Mistwalkers will all be announcing new games too. Plus they will have XBL announcement (1 vs 100)

I doubt they will make a motion control for the 360. They have to know that it would fail. However they might show off the motion cam for the windows and games for windows.

sniper-squeak3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Flight Simulator? Coming to 360? I read that Microsoft don't plan on releasing more versions of the Sim after X but in the long run, they did mention that future versions could come out on the 360.

Now I know there's not that many Flight Sim enthusiasts, but being one myself, I think it would be pretty sweet to see a game with probably better graphics than FSX running on the 360... it would be like a flag-ship game for them... a long-running franchise tapping the true power of the 360 :D

WhittO3432d ago

i just thought:


Struz3431d ago

If they don't have anything good I'm going to be really disappointed. I'm really tired of hearing about Alan Wake and Forza. Anything, anything but those two at least so discussion on this site can evolve.

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PotNoodle3432d ago

No more Lips and your in the movies rubbish please. I want some good games!

cherrypie3432d ago

A) Lips is a fantastic Karaoke game. If you like such games, Lips is arguably the best available.

B) You're in the Movies is for young-people. Are you 8? If not, then you are not the target demo. That said, my NEPHEW and his friends love YitM.

Differnet things for different people.

andron3432d ago

"Timed exclusive" DLC...LOL

KaBaW3431d ago

Lol. Yea.. at least you agree, though. :)
It is, for some games..

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Mo0eY3432d ago

Followed by a Gaylo announcement and topping it off with motion controls and a Wii Sports lookalike.

tawak3431d ago

and more dlc! 360 is winning the dlc wars!
take that sony!(cheap shot at the ballS)

Etseix3431d ago

dont forget....

MORE DLC!!! ;DD .... em .. uhm.. did we already said DLC?.. uhm dejavu ;D
.. MS wil ltake the movie dejavu over E3 ;D.... and with some DLC TOO!! ;DDD

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maverick11913432d ago

very little by the sounds of it they seem very tight lipped on what they have all i can think of is new motion controller (wiimote style), new forza and DLC