RPG Alert - Crimson Gem Saga Ships Tomorrow

Clayton Chan on Official PlayStation Blog:

"Hello there, fine members of the finest official PlayStation community on the internet! I'm Clayton Chan, a Project Lead and Editor at Atlus U.S.A., and I'd like to pop in and talk to you for a second about our upcoming PSP RPG Crimson Gem Saga on behalf of the folks on the team."

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Chris3993434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Just waiting for the darned delivery call. (And being Canadian, everything is delayed a couple days here.)

This was one of my super-secret-hopeful-please-lo calize games. Only three more to go now.

- Rezel Cross
- Sora No Kiseki (Legend of Heroes 4 and onwards. Multi UMD masterpieces)
- Zill O'll Infinite Plus.

Trailers for the JRPG fanatics:

gano3434d ago

with x edge and infamous.
now please for all things holy legend of heroes 6 and srw a or any.

jkoz3434d ago

This game looks fantastic. Finally a good traditional RPG that I can sink my teeth into. Look forward to this week.

kewlkat0073434d ago

This game I will get. Turn-based, it looks interesting.

ShadowYuri3434d ago

The more I read about this game (and I read a LOT about it), the more I am interested in it. Will check it out this summer.

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