The Top 7 games we want announced at E3 2009

GamesRadar writes:

"Next week, we'll know. Next week, the Electronic Entertainment Expo will begin and nearly every major publisher and developer will reveal their secrets. Next week, we'll know which rumors were true and which games actually exist. Next week, the future will be (somewhat) clear.

Seriously, though, where's the fun in that? We prefer this week, when the mystery still remains and our imaginations can still roam wild. This week, we can dream about major sequels that might never happen… about technology that's barely out of the labs… about Nintendo, Square Enix and Rockstar fulfilling our every fanboy demand.

These are the games we want announced at E3 2009, not the ones we actually expect. While most may not appear – this year, anyway – we've got a pretty good track record overall."

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Xandet4067d ago

Rainbow 6: Tokyo would be awesome.. there really haven't been enough good games set in Tokyo or other Japanese hot spots (that's why I applaud the Yakuza series).

Also, as much as I'd LOVE to have a KHIII for PS3 announcement, I doubt it would happen this early. 358/2 Days is still a little under a week away from release in Japan, and BBS is who-knows how far off. Knowing Nomura, he'll have some little morsels at the end of each of the hand-held games to tease all the KH fans for a full-blown KHIII. Until then, though, I doubt we'll be hearing much about a KHII sequel.

Myst4067d ago

Super smash bros for DS would be nice.

SpoonyRedMage4067d ago

Smash Bros DS! YES

KH III! NO! there's a reason 358/2 Days and BBS are being outsourced and that's because the KH team is busy. It'd just annoy people even more if they had another game to wait for for years.

Hmm. A Virtual Handheld is a must-have for the DSi, so I guess old games reannounced would be nice.

Any new IPs would be nice.

BlackIceJoe4067d ago

A Super Smash Brothers game for the DS would be great. I have always thought that would be a great DS game. A new Sly Cooper game would be great. I would love to see a new one on the PSP and PS3. I really would love to see what Sucker Punch could do with a sandbox version of Sly Cooper for the PS3. They could take what they learned with InFamous and bring that to the Sly world and I think that would be cool.

Having news on Kingdom Hearts 3 would be cool. I would love to see the new worlds like Gargoyles and the Chronicles of Narnia. I think those worlds could work really well. With the rest of the KH characters and worlds.

aksmashh4067d ago

Its Good To A Read Article That Doesn't Go With Obvious Games
My Favorite Is The 3D Thing

My 4 (Can't Be Bothered To Think Of 7)
GT5,Uncharted 2,COD MW2 & Getaway (GTA London),
Thats All Want This Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

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