The Conduit interview: "We believe that Wii deserves to have its own high quality shooter"

On the occasion of the presentation that Sega organized so that we could prove the way online of The Conduit, Vandal Online had the opportunity to speak about the game with two of the members of High Voltage, Eric Nofsinger, creative director and Kerry J. Ganofsky, founder of the company.

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kesvalk3431d ago

not only a high quality shooter... a high quality RPG and a high quality Platformer...

and more TPS!!!

SpoonyRedMage3431d ago

Well there's quite a few RPGs on it and some more coming in the future.

A high quality platformer.... Super Mario Galaxy?

TPS, well yer, there's hardly any but it's got the definitive version of Resi 4.

SinnedNogara3431d ago

I think there are two TPS games. One is really good (RE4) the other sucks (Battle Rage, a DDI game).

I want Army of Two or Dead Space 2!!!

sack_boi3431d ago

For a Wii game it's pretty high quality

tiamat53431d ago

That is what every person who develops for the Wii says until the game bombs and sell 130,000 units.

iceice1233431d ago

Couldn't even sell that much, expect this game to flop hard.

SpoonyRedMage3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Madworld has sold in excess of 200K. to put that into perspective that's triple the amount God Hand sold when God Hand was a console with twice the userbase.

EDIT: Wow disagreeing with fact now, a new low. Also I don't think Madworld has been released in Japan whereas Godhand was.

Chris3993431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

It arrived with very little fanfare.

On the other hand, the media was rabid with news and previews and hype for Madworld as a "Wii hardcore" title. Considering the Wii's 50 million consumer base, 200K ain't a pretty picture, no matter how you spin it. Madworld didn't even chart on the NPD this month. It's not a "slow burner" (this phrase has been thrown around A LOT lately in defense of the Wii's catalog), it's just not selling. Not as it should, or - speculatively - could on an HD system (but they'd have to sell more to recoup production losses, so it's a moot point).

P.S. The disagree wasn't from me, I prefer polite conversation/ debate - not fly by "disagrees" :)

Edit: Considering the hype for Madworld, the utter lack of anything like it on the system and the apparent "niche" of hardcore gamers with an appetite for this content (which is apparently a far smaller demographic than we think), I don't think Madworld was very successful. Know your audience. And yes, while there's people like you and I looking forward to the Muramasas and Arc Rise Fantasias and Fatal Frames, out of a 50 million person segment, we are DEFINITELY in the minority. People catering to us should not expect their games to sell nearly as well as the next Mario Cart of Babiez franchise.

If they do, and they make asinine statements to that effect (which these developers have, numerous times), they're victims of their own egos and rightly so.

CobraKai3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

I have a wii and I'll be getting it. But my auntie and my sister each have one and they couldn't care less. I tease them saying "Conduit's coming out soon" and they look at me like I'm from another planet.

Too bad, these guys deserve success for trying to keep core gaming alive on the wii.

SpoonyRedMage3431d ago

I actually think it's a fair example. It's Madworld's spiritual successor and is a Capcom game, which I think means more than beign a Sega game as it's only recently that Sega has had some excellent titles out there.

Godhand like Madworld is also a cult titles and may have not got hype before it's release but got a lot of hype afterwards and still only sold 70K.

Madworld isn't exactly a runaway success but I wouldn't really call it a flop. I wonder how Bayonetta will do, it might be their first successful game(As Clover or Platinum).

BengaliGangsta3431d ago


reason why madworld didnt sell was because it was too short. i, myself, rented the game instead of buying it. and im sure many other wii owners done the same.

ChickeyCantor3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Actually it wasn't really a game people were after, lots of people i know said the constant blood wasn't their thing.

Also Spoony, how about okami?
Fact is Clover studio/platinum games never sold well for some reason.
The conduit has more of a chance, not only is it build by a community its a FPS with W.DC.....i mean seriously are we really comparing that to madworld?

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PotNoodle3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Of course, it deserves more than it is getting. There are a few good games on there, but it needs more for us lot.

Its a shame though, since it has been always nintendo's policy to at least profit on the hardware they sell on day one - which means they obviously don't care as much about selling LOADS of software like sony and microsoft do.

TheMART3431d ago

The Wii needs high quality in every genre you can think of and then I mean not those rehashed Nintendo 1st party IP's, but new, fresh stuff.

Just for comparing. The Wii is out as long as the PS3. The PS3 has double the amount of games with rating 8 out of 10 or higher. Thats about 50 for the Wii and 100 for the PS3. The 360 even has 140 but is out a year longer.

The high games on or over 9 out of 10 average on the Wii is all rehashed stuff. Zeldas, Mario's, Metroid Prime, that stuff.

PS3 over 9's and 360 over 9 average rated many are new IP's. Gears of War, Bioshock, Mass Effect, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2 (yes a sequel but unlike Mario nr. 35833756 its relative fresh).

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