Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - New screenshots

Capcom published some new screenshots from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

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Marcello4061d ago

These screenshots look like RE2 remake fans dream come true, SO WHY O WHY Capcom have you made yet another boring railshooter for the Wii.

Capcom are up there with SquareEnix ie lost the plot

SpoonyRedMage4061d ago

I know, Rail shooters are good and all but this could be done in the style of Resi 4 and it would have been much better. The Wii is the best suited for Resi 4 style as well.

mastiffchild4061d ago

Dead right. After UC I thought they'd give up the rail shooter as a bad job. Plus, compared to what EA are doing with DS:Extraction they don't seem to be pushing the genre boundaries much at all which leaves us with UC MK2 with better visuals and dodging moves-big wow Capcom.

Then we'll have the other remakes coming out without RE4 controls-which, had they put them in would, at least, have given a real reason to play them again other than simple nostalgis and even then it's not long since the GCN remake is it?

Guess all the RE5 to Wii talk is all we have to hope for when it comes to a RE4 style game on the Wii-and RE4 was great on the Wii so why haven't they ever tried another? If RE5 does come minus the GFX, the online co-op and other things I still think if they use those controls and ditch Sheva it could end up a vastly superior SP game and feel more like a RE title than it does on PS360 where I thought the co-op online was fun but nearly everything else sucked big style. Honestly I'd love them to make a RE5 version/sidestory for Wii as to never use those controls in another Wii game would be a travesty-it would sell like crazy in any case.

LTC4061d ago

Any game is better than that POS

bokharij4061d ago

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leftbehindxp4061d ago

Wow that looks nice! Looks like its gonna surpass Umbrella Chronicles easily. Though it would be better if it was the third person angle like the original, heck I wouldn't mind a RE4 setup, but I'm content with it. Can't wait

Blackcanary4061d ago

Claire Redfeild she one of my favorite RES Character i would love to see a remake of RE:CV for the Wii PS3 or the 360.

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