Nintendo's Iwata talks grooming Miyamoto's successors, fewer game announcements

El33tonline writes: "During Nintendo's recent financial results question and answer briefing session for the fiscal year ending March 09, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was naturally bombarded with a multitude of questions related to Nintendo's current and future financial position, as well as their plans for growth.

One of the questions, however, dealt with Nintendo's apparent lack of ideas, as they are failing to announce compelling videogame projects currently in development at the company to keep fans of their consoles happy and eager for the future.

In Iwata's answer, he addresses the increasing amount of burnout that consumers experience as a particular game's marketing machine starts up, where a title could be previewed and hyped for months before the game is even released, resulting in the feeling that gamers are already "done with it prior to launch"..."

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