GI.Biz: Portable Positioning

GI.Biz writes: "There's little question about which platform holder has the most riding on its E3 performance. Certainly, it will be fascinating to see how Nintendo plans to maintain its success for another year, while Microsoft's rumoured motion controller and future software line-up is of great interest - but it's Sony whose conference will be watched most closely.

The reasons for that are twofold. Firstly, Sony - having led the market for over a decade - is now struggling. The PS3 is in third place behind Nintendo and Microsoft and while it's selling remarkably well considering its high price point, it simply isn't building installed base at the rate it needs to challenge its competitors. The PSP, although a success by many measures, has sold less than half the units of its rival, the DS - a rival it was widely predicted to crush when both devices were announced."

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clinker4061d ago

This was a very well written article and really explains what's at stake for Sony and the PSP.

4060d ago
D4RkNIKON4060d ago

I agree with this article. And if Sony does something as dramatic as drop the UMD but they don't add a second analog stick.. I will be pissed.