Ripten Review: Stalin vs. Martians

Ripten writes: "'Stalin vs. Martians' just about sums this game up. There's not much to this game. That's why there aren't that many words in this review.

As I say, Stalin vs. Martians is not a complicated game. The basics of the game are true to the RTS genre; selecting your units and ordering them to fight is done in exactly the way you might expect. The thing is about this RTS, though, is that the "S" for strategy is missing. As far as I can gather, the best way to win is to select all your units and rampage across the map with them, collecting coins and the like to be able to buy more units and refill your health. Because of this, it's really a difficult game. Since you can't use strategy properly, it's hard to take down the army of Martians that outnumber you heavily. There are a few types of unit, but it's not really that impressive and they seem to behave too similarly to be of any use."

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