Nintendo Download (5/25/09)

Nintendo has issued the latest Nintendo Download announcing which VC/WiiWare/DSiWare games are available today.

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knox4056d ago


Adventure Island!

Area_514056d ago

I wish they would put out a bunch of games instead of one game a week

SpoonyRedMage4056d ago

They haven't got enough games lined up really. Well they could put a few up a week for the West but they'd quickly run out and as developers are only just starting to make games for it we'd have quite long waits.

Of course I woudln't mind more games either, I just don't expect updates with lots of games for quite a while.

Shnazzyone4055d ago

awesome... new bubble bobble!!! and Clayfighter on top of that. About time the drought on quality games on wii shop ended.