City of Heroes Mission Architect Badges Removed

NCsoft has announced that due to abuse of a new system in City of Heroes, many achievements or 'Badges' are being removed.

The new Mission Architect system in CoH allows players to make their own content and share it with others. However, it didn't take long for people to develop scenarios that could be 'farmed', i.e. replayed over and over for experience points, rewards and Badges.

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Maticus3528d ago

Oh dear, there will be many unhappy Heroes / Villains soon.

Leord3528d ago

I'd imagine this is a minority of players abusing the system. Too bad they ruin the fun for everyone else :(

Terrice3528d ago

Isn't that always the case, the minor few that ruin it for the rest of us? :\

Leord3528d ago

Lol. Internet "democracy".

Leord3528d ago

Not surprised. This was bound to happen. Sad but true. I wonder if they can add some nice innovative way to let people make scenarios, and reward the really good ones, without opening up to proper farming.

Terrice3528d ago

I think it's a fine line, to try and implement a system that rewards those who are looking for some fun without it being abused in some form or another by a select few.

kerriganss3528d ago

Always some abusers, sucks they have to ruin it for every1 else.

JeepGamer3527d ago

If it was just a few people then they wouldn't care. You log in to the game now and everyone from level 1 to level 50 "LF AE team" "AE team LF 2 more" "AE farm team starting"