GO3: World In Conflict Hands-On Impressions

An editor from Kotaku looks at the upcoming pc title World in Conflict.

He said,"I'll be honest: before today, I'd never heard of this game. Which is to say I probably had, but then discarded the memory, like I tend to do with most RTS games these days. They all look the same to me, you see.

I'm a fool. I just got done playing a few multiplayer rounds of World in Conflict, and I like.

Despite this being super-raw, super-early code, WiC is coming along real nice. It's not really an RTS at all - you get one squad to control, respawn points and a map to take over. Just like Battlefield. Except it's controlled like an RTS. Sort of. You see, you control the camera with the WASD keys, and your units with the mouse. Sounds messy, yeah, but strike me down if it doesn't work a treat.

Promising stuff. Keep an eye on it. But be patient - this thing is a while off yet."

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