Fight Night Round 4 Demo - What you need to know

Console Monster writes: "If you, like me, pre-ordered Fight Night Round 4 from Gamestation (if you're in the UK) then you will already have access to the demo which is due for release very soon. But before I went into the demo there were a couple of questions I asked myself. Instead of doing a full blown demo impression via review, I have decided to answer the main questions many of you will also be thinking, be it a fan of the series or just a gaming enthusiast.

What do you get in the demo?

In the demo you get to re-create history by fighting 3 rounds choosing to box as either Ricky Hatton or Manny Pacquiao. Each round lasts 2 minutes giving you a total of 6 minutes fighting time. 6 minutes may not sound long, but it gives you a real insight into what to expect when the full game arrives at the end of June..."

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