TSMC on track to enter production at 28nm

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is set to unveil Reference Flow 10.0 for the 28nm process at the upcoming Design Automation Conference (DAC) in July 2009, according to industry sources. The world's top contract chipmaker is expected to deliver its 28nm process as a full node technology on schedule.

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Kakkoii3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

It's really amazing how small of fabrication we are reaching. 28nm next year! After that is 16nm, which is considered the transition to Nanoelectronics. Then 11nm, which is considered Nanoelectronics.

We are literally reaching the limit of physical matter. At 11nm we will be creating molecular/atomic structures.

It's just so amazing. I wish more people were interested in technology. Because it's going to be more and more a part of our lives as time passes.