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ButtonMasher reviews inFAMOUS for PS3: A super hero placed in a free roam world combined with the ideals of urban exploration and hints of parkour will automatically draw comparisons with Crackdown, because it was the best thing in a long time, inFamous does take parts of what made RealTimeWorlds 360 title so fantastic and throw in its own bag of tricks into the mix. Sounds like a good idea right? take a working formula, tweak it a little and hope for the best. well the proof is in the gaming.

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thereapersson4342d ago

Good to see more positive reviews flowing in. This game deserves all the credit it can get!

NNNW4342d ago

can't wait for everyone else to enjoy this. You can tell a lot of effort was put into its production..
ahhh time for my second play through ;p

andron4342d ago

The demo was great, I'm definitely picking this up...

hay4342d ago

Agreed. Demo was fun as hell. Thunderstorm was best power I've ever seen in a game, in my opinion of course. (you get it in third mission, activating by holding down on d-pad)

Brianemone4342d ago

It's a great game guys. Had a blast playing it and as with all other great games writing review was the hardest part as I would rather have been playing it instead of writing about playing it.

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ULTIMATE_REVENGE4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

I just played Infamous yesterday and I gotta tell you this, it's one hell of a hard game seriously! I even watched a trailer of the game and it showed who ever was playing doing some melee combos all in 1 row topping it off with that electric slam and then a dive roll AWESOME! I tried to do it but it was impossible, i think you have to unlock special skills or something but anyways am buying this game for sure.

Check my wishlist:


Notice how my wishlist is made up of a variety of games such as Action, Racing/Sim, Adventure, OpenWorld Action, & fighting you see bots our line up is filled with different types of games and not just SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!

Coolrah4341d ago

Played the demo about 3 full times through. Gonna pick the game and my uncharted beta code up on teusday. Man I cannot wait.

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