EA: Nintendo working with third parties

EA responds to Nintendo's decision to release Wii MotionPlus without any first party games.

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ultra643528d ago

This is the kind of stuff that Nintendo does that goes unaccounted for when talking about third party support.

Product3528d ago

Good point. One i feel that goes undetected is the Nintendo channel. I feel that channel really helps with marketing third party games, the problem with that is how many people core or casual actually use the channel.

TheColbertinator3528d ago

I just wish Nintendo assisted in more of the marketing so that more Wii owners could pick up more of those great games.I have met dozens of Wii owners that I try to start a discussion for Wii games like Madworld or No More Heroes,yet the the only game they discuss is Wii Music or crap like that.

Other than that,I'm glad Nintendo is giving some time for 3rd parties.Sega has really taken the opportunity to shine

ultra643528d ago

Agreed about Sega although i feel some games like Madworld are just to niche to sell over a million. Marketing could have helped though.

TheMART3528d ago

Games like Dead Space for the Wii, I think it wold do great with the Wiimote thats extra precise.

One thing Nintendo: you should have made the Wiimote like this from start, not with another expensive add-on.

ChickeyCantor3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Lets be honest, people think people i mean the likes of you... price is already an overkill.
Now imagine this, this tech in the Wii-mote in 2005/2006...Higher costs on the tech.
The system package would have cost much higher.

Nintendo does not like to lower their prices...can you imagine what kind of a cash hell it would be?

Of course we all would have liked it from the beginning.
But the price would be overkill if they included it back than( also the size would be bigger).

Not saying I'm happy they are bringing it now, I'm happy they actually considered it to bring it anyway.
And its been a while since i have put down money for controlers.

TheMART3528d ago

Well no. Because the internals of the Wii is a supercharged gamecube.

The Gamecube got sold or 69 Euro at the end of its lifecycle. The Wii gets sold for 250 Euro. Now go figure. Old hardware, premium price. The Wii shouldn't have be more expensive but should have had more precise Wiimote controls.

Ah well it doesn't even matter that much. Most Wiigames is shiatware anyway. If not its the same old Mario/Zelda and other rehashed IP's. And yes I know. I own a Wii.

ChickeyCantor3528d ago

Only making my point more true.
Even if its a "super charged" GCN, they put a 250 price tag on it.
Motion plus back then would have made it worse( Worse to you people ).

it "shouldn't have" been more expensive? perhaps, but Nintendo still slapped a 250 on it.
Now add up the costs for Motion plus, it would have gone above 250. Wether you think its a supercharged GCN or not.

Nintendo's idea wasn't about "precises" motion controls, that was something that become a demand due the fact people "thought" it was something the Wii it could do....But developers hinted out several times that in its current state 1:1 wasn't there. Their idea was to replace to many Button presses/analogtilting with motion.

Again, If motion plus was implemented within the Motes, it wouldn't be 250, but more.

DiLeCtioN3528d ago

is a let down..soo many lies. Nintendo cant even make a good online service like PSN or XBL, they robbing people's money with their high business talk bla bla.

Reggie talks so much crap tbh, i really wanna hear what they have for this yr guess is nothing.

Sony and Microsoft ftw.

ChickeyCantor3528d ago

*face palm*

I challenge you to name 10 lies from Nintendo this gen.

"they robbing people's money with their high business talk bla bla"
When someone is giving their money away, not being forced...its...I don't know...not a theft?

Let me ask you something, you bought a Ps3 or 360...right?
How did they not let you buy the system with their business talk?

Did you just got robbed? LOL

kevnb3528d ago

what are you talking about sidar?

ChickeyCantor3528d ago

O i'm sorry, you need to put on the "Show comment above mine" goggles.
Here ya go *gives item to kev*.

bigjclassic3528d ago

especially to help 3rd party games.
ie. Madworld

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