The Daily Grind: Direct Download or Retail Box?

Let's face it, with Steam being such a popular service these days (really, how many gamers do you know who don't have Steam installed?) and sites like Direct2Drive among myriad others out there, digital distribution is very commonplace. Five years ago, not so much. There again, there are bandwidth allocations/caps in many countries, and even some start of that here in the U.S. As such, Massively got to thinking about it, and considering the size of the general MMO, they wondered if they were likely to see more digital downloads coming up, or more people buying box copies?

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Mr Face Creamer3436d ago

If I can get a brand new game for 49.99$ in my local game store and have the box, art cover and all that stuff (which I'm really into), why would I go onto Steam and purchase a download for 49.99 and wait 20 hours for it to finish downloading?

If I can get CS for 9.99$ on Steam and I can't find the game anywhere I go for it.

I have been a Steam member for 6 months and I have only bought TF2 for 9.99$ because the game goes on retail for 29.99$...