Japanese hardware sales, Mar. 19 - Mar. 25

The following numbers dictate hardware sales in Japan for the week of March 19th to March 25, 2007 (Statistics Source: Media Create.)

- DS Lite: 130,549 +9,078 (7.47%)
- Wii: 75,571, +8,501 (12.67%)
- PSP: 41,546, -2,223 (5.08%)
- PS3: 20,459, -1,176 (5.44%)
- PS2: 16,961, +3,640 (27.33%)
- Xbox 360: 3,492, +582 (20.00%)
- Game Boy Micro: 765, +38 (5.23%)
- GBA SP: 607, +50 (8.98%)
- Gamecube: 270, -97 (26.43%)
- DS Phat: 135, -24 (15.09%)
- GBA: 22, +13 (144.44%)

(Please click the source link for the complete article.)

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gta_cb4275d ago

how long has PS2 been doing better then PS3?

ThaGeNeCySt4275d ago

this is the first time i've seen the PS3 outsell the PS2... GOOD JOB

techie4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

The PS3 has outsold the PS2 for all but one week in Japan

Have a look for yourself

**edit**Jason my boy. I only used it in this instance. Here it only lists the info straight from these weekly results. And all i was showing was that the ps3 has outsold the ps2 every week except for one.

What is the problem J. I'm not using it to say the ps3 is better than the 360 or selling better...I'm showing you the weekly hardware results that we report every week on this site in tandem along side each other.
I don't normally get so frustrated when someone patronises me. I will gladly go and find another list of these hardware results if you so wish, but i felt it was clear that these were the hardware reports that came straight from Japan. And if you'd read my post below you can see the negative look on it.

Here we go. Just for your pleasure J.

That is a list of all the sales reports straight from MediaCentre and you will see the ps3 has always sold higher than the ps2...note that this does not mean the ps3 is outselling the ps2 as it did when it launched.

In fact you could just do a search on this site to confirm what I said.

(ps. One thing VG-charts has that no other has is actually list the sales in months and weeks as it gets reports from NPD and Media Centre...doesn't mean the rest of it is accurate though of course...but it is for looking at the Japan and US sales.)

Hell we can pull from it some figures about the US...and the accurate NPD reported ones. Here's a nice one for December 2006 vgcharts list the 360 to have sold 1,320,250, and the PS3 only 533,250. Not so unreliable now aye?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

deepbrown Why do you Sony fans insist on using such a ridiculous untruthful PS3 fanboys website like VGcharts. That site is now and never will be proven accurate and you know it. Now I have to copy and paste this to debunk your BS. Deepbrown your true colors shine through more and more each day.

10/9, reasons, one opinion and a reminder why your sales numbers websites are not to be trusted.

1. Notice there is no contact information available other than an e-mail, I mean if these numbers were official there would be legal information so not to be sued by mega corporations
2. Why do these number sites have discussion forums? And why do these sites lead to advertisements? Wouldn’t these “official legal serious business’s” that provide people with “supposedly” accurate information be unbiased, considering it would benefit all business?
3. Why no information boasting about how accurate there information is? Wouldn’t they want to advertise there accuracy so there “competitor” wouldn’t take there jobs?
4. Why does the site “page layout” look as if it were made on myspace? If it where so important to have such numbers you would think there page would look like something not made by a child.
5. Provide some reliable links and why do the links they do have lead to fanboys?
6. Uh why do PS3, Wii and 360 fans post the one that makes them look good but disapprove of the other?
7. These are used as a sort of recruitment tool for some members, they use it on noobs to score more fans.
8. The best why to track these numbers is wait for the “Company making the product” to release official numbers and subtract a bit for hype (be honest about subtracting don’t be liars, lies hurt everyone) You see unlike us gaming addicts it would hurt them if they were to break international business laws for lying to much to its costumers (fans)
9. If there are people putting up numbers this accurately, then why do they not advertising there genius to world and predict business sales of more then just gaming? And I would love to take these guys to Vegas and ask them to run my company.
10. The PS3 fanboys site of choice makes me laugh the most, it reminds me of when someone erases letters from a sign for form a dirty word or when they write bad sh*t about people on the bathroom walls. And IMO Its obviously the one with the most jealousy written on its face (There are discussion forums where fanboys argue).
One more W?TF is there spyware and ads on these sites?

PS dantesparda NextGen wars is just as much as a pile of sh*t as VGcharts. If you dont like my Fanboyism look away or get pwned. And if you want to step up to me better use somthing more than this.

"Wow! this guy Jason is about as extreme and rabid as a fanboy can get! and not top mention "stupid" and its obvious that he is young. You fanboys dont realize that you are just cheerleaders for these companies. Grow up people. And "" is no more reliable, yet i bet you like their numbers, you're just a biased fanboy, and your opinion doesnt really matter when you're that biased"

Because if thats all you got, then you might want to get some Vicodin or Zanex to deal with the pain.

dantesparda4275d ago

Wow! this guy Jason is about as extreme and rabid as a fanboy can get! and not top mention "stupid" and its obvious that he is young. You fanboys dont realize that you are just cheerleaders for these companies. Grow up people. And "" is no more reliable, yet i bet you like their numbers, you're just a biased fanboy, and your opinion doesnt really matter when you're that biased

uxo224275d ago

your comment sounds no different from his (by not by design i'm sure) You acuse him of doing something and kind of does the same thing in the same're not believable either Dantesparda!

dantesparda4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

OK, explain to me how its the same? Im no biased fanboy. You wont see me sweating the 360 or the PS3, i own a 360 and dont own, or plan to own a PS3. You're just mad cuz you're another one of these "sweating" fanboys, and you wanna defend your beloved girlfriend, the 360. "Go 360!", now go put away your poms-poms

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PureGamer4275d ago

anyone notice the gap of units sold between the PS2 and the PS3, oh i see its more than the 360 sold.

it had to be done -.-

gta_cb4275d ago

actually i did lol, kinda bad isnt it!
... ohwell we know that Japan is like PS territory lol thank god i like in UK :D (not a dig at Japan or anyone, its cos i own a 360)

FordGTGuy4275d ago

The Xbox 360 gained 20% in sales while the PS3 actual went down 5%?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4275d ago

Yeah Ford I noticed that to.

Torch4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

You're absolutely correct...which is why statistics can be (and are often) entirely misleading if taken at face is the case here: the total sales of 360 are relatively miniscule in comparison to those for PS3.

To put it another way, let's be hypothetical and assume that last week, in week 1 the 360 and PS3 each sold one unit and twenty units respectively.

Let's then suppose that the 360 sold a total of two units this week, in week 2, while the PS3 sold five. In direct comparison, it's obvious that the PS3 sold immensely better than its competitor (500% better, actually.)

However, in strictly terms of sales CHANGE, the numbers paint a drastically different picture heavily in favour of the 360:

360 sales increase by an entire 100%, while the PS3 Registers only a relatively measly 25% increase. Nonetheless, in terms of overall market share (strictly in this example), the PS3 holds an astounding 93.8% market share, and the 360 only 6.2%...a change from a respective 95.2% and 4.8% the (theoretical) week before.

uxo224275d ago

You post a story that puts of supposedly factual figures, then make the statement "which is why statistics can be (and are often) entirely misleading if taken at face value" why post something that you think is not completely accurate, and then you try to substantiate you action by making pointless hypothetical comparisons. No this ladies and gentlemen and a PURE EXAMPLE of FANBOYISM. AKA talking out of your A$$!

But, please feel free to have an opinion and say what you like I do believe that it's still your right. I just wanted to point out the inconsistencies that are counter productive to you making a good point.

SmokeyMcBear4275d ago

wow uxo either you are really dumb, or are blinded by the fanboyism yourself. He was just providing an example of how statistics could be misleading, its called hypothetical, not meant to be taken literally. It just shows you how you can see numbers and percentages in differnt ways, of course you had to attack him for some asinine reason. Point the finger at yourself. That comparison is essential to his point, it shows the inaccuracies of only seeing percentages as a statistic, maybe if you acutally read and comprehended the post, you wouldnt be so quick to be on the take... Education is a good thing

Torch4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Quite honestly, your mindless lashing doesn't even deserve a response. Add that to the fact that SmokeyMcBearc was kind and helpful enough to say it all - and then some - on my behalf (much appreciated, Smokey).

However, for nothing more than the sake of self-amusement, allow me elaborate by saying that my aforementioned post was directed precisely at the comments coming from two posts previous to it. Unless I made a mathematical miscalculation, the figures and statements in my EXAMPLE still stand as accurate.

What's interesting is how you're so quick to accuse some, yet ignore (or perhaps even defend) others who demonstrate undeniable characteristics of - as you so put it - FANBOYISM.

But since you come across as a simple-minded chap who's obviously a severe victim of selective perception (I'm not explaining that too; look it up yourself), how about we swap the terms "360" and "PS3" in my EXAMPLE, which I'm sure will make you feel a whole world better.

...Aww, go ahead!...I know you want to! Dont worry, it's fine with me.

Furthermore, I never said or insinuated that the published numbers were not factual; nor will I ever write with my blood that they are accurate (would you???). I can only report what's written, assume that the source appears credible enough, and provide any supporting information which may help others to judge for themselves.

Hence the inclusion of the statement "Statistics Source: Media Create" as part my submission.

As far as your accusation that I'm talking out of my A$$ is concerned, I hate to disappoint you, but I'm not accustomed to doing so.

However, should I ever decide to tread those waters, it's comforting to know that I have you to look to as the ideal role-model, as you have so single-handedly, undeniably just proven.

uxo224274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

You two are pathetic, did you guys develop you comebacks during or after your post-sex cigarette? Read my post again and YOU try to understand my point I will not change my stand on it. Who really gives a damn about hypothetical analogies, all they do is cloud the already muddy picture described these days as "Sony PS3 Sales".

You call me angry and say you will not dignify my comment with a comment of your own, then in your usual fashion, you post a 4 page ad in Your sh!t is pretty weak! As for your lover Smokey, I think T0rcy is a big enough boy/girl/both to fight its own battles. So pull it out of you mouth and STFU!

BTW this response isn't out of anger, it simply as you put it "for nothing more than the sake of self-amusement". Oh, and I would match my education level to either of yours on any given day. Myself and you guys in a battle of wits...haha..It would be like being in a gun fight with an unarmed opponent....UXO out!

SmokeyMcBear4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

ah the typical closeted homosexual response, seriously, please do not state your fantasies on this board, there might be children viewing these words. Typical of a close minded, in the closet (or maybe full on flaming), fanboy. I like to attack stupidy, its just a thing of mine. You say something incredibaly stupid, then hey, its easy to go on the attack. Who cares about hypothetical analogies? wow, you must have not taken any sort of science class. Its actually the basis of all science, you know that whole hypothesis/theory step, but hey, since you would stand up your education to mine, you'd think you'd know something like that, but hey, each education is unique. I take it you havent taken a statistics class either, well buddy, go get an education, and come out the closet, it would do you good.

haha vavoom, i guess you are right, I can be an instigator, but then again, instigation only works on those to deserve to be instigated. Sometimes its too easy, and its fun to watch the fire works. But in this particular case, uxo's had no merit, and i decided to throw my 2 cents in. It was a simple example of how numbers can be shown to show all sorts of things. I doubt is uxo would have had any problem if it said there was 1 ps3 sold and 100 xbox's sold, shown the change in numbers and accompanying percentage change. The point was valid, it was simply being attacked because he said ps3 sold more and not the varying percentages. Basically he opened his mouth because the wrong console was named, which too me... is incredibly stupid. The uxo had to display his homosexual fanties on this board, to which i siply stated was inappropriate. I'm not exactly sure what I did wrong. Just look at the words I chose, and look at his, no profanities, no vulgarities on my part, yet im the one being attack... sounds logical

Vavoom4274d ago

SmokeyMcBearc Dude, you are one of the one biggest instigators on this site. I can actually see the point that UXO was trying to make. But for some reason, you saw it as an opportunity to do what you do best, and that's be an A$$. I have stood by and look at a lot of you post on this site without saying anything, but You really are a jerk. Also, what does this conversation have to do with science, you may have taken a statistics class, but you should have taken and ethics class instead.

Thank god for the protection of the internet huh?

As for you UXO, T0rchy was simply posting his point, don't be so thin skinned. And T0rchy, read it again, in both cases there is SOME contradiction in you post.

You all can bash me if you'd like, I really don't care.

jmoneezie4274d ago

If you are trying to make things better, your comment is not going to help. You're right the guy is a Moron, but you're just going to light the wick to increase his FLAME.

Vavoom4274d ago

I official apologize for to all you fine people on this site for jumping on the bashing bandwagon. Although I meant what I said about SmokeyMcBearc I should have stayed out of it as he should have.

But, bad.

jmoneezie4273d ago

Man, I noticed that that UXO dude decided to take the high road and not even response to your last comment/edit. You actually had a chance to bail out gracefully, instead you took another shot the him. To be honest you didn't need to add your 2 cents, but as I am also guilty of, you did it anyway. But you I'm not trying to take sides, I am just stating the obvious. I notice that instead of using you LAST bubble, you decided to make an edit to you previous comment. What was that for, just incase UXO adds another comment.

Nevermind, don't bother answering that. Maybe it's best if just left alone.

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THAMMER14275d ago

I live in the US. The Wii and the 360 kill the PS3 on a daily basis. We have no idea if this will continue. On a real level I think Sony fans hang on to what is going on in Japan because the rest of the world dose not reflect the reality they want to live in.

Sounds real desperate and sad for people to just look for a TKO any way they can. Oh well that will never change I guess.

TheMART4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Does anyone see that the Wii outsells the PS3 almost with a factor 4 in Japan?

Does anyone notice that the 360 last month in North America alone outsold the PS3 with 240k for 360, 130k for PS3? So it sold 110k more there alone?

Does anyone understand that selling 17k a week, or 68k a month in Japan more on PS3 compared to 360, doesn't make up 110k 360's sold more over PS3's in North America?

Do Sony fanboys understand that it's hard to catch up when the PS3 constantly world wide sells less then the 360?

Education for you fanboys crying out over Japanese numbers dudes.

Plus, a 360 Elite (for 479 Euro soon) or a 360 Premium for those that don't mind about HDMI (for 399 Euro) + a PS2 with the best PS exclusives (now on sale for 99 Euro overhere, get God of War 2 with it) is cheaper then a PS3, but you get the best of gaming, last gen and next gen

@ Antan (below)

Official numbers on the PS3 launch in Europe still need to come in. Those are estimations, if I am correct coming directly from Sony. Do you still thrust them?

600k if true, is a good launch. If I am correct, the 360 had 500k @ launch sold. But they had shortages. So they could have sold 600 or 700k maybe.

They haven't closed the gap with even 600k for sure. An advantage of 9 million can't be closed.

Certainly not if we look in the declines the PS3 had after the launch in Japan/USA. Same will happen in Europe. Launch = fanboys buying stuff.

So in the end, if the PS3 will sell about the same as the 360, or just slightly more, the PS3 won't close the gap. Especially not when USA keeps selling for the 360 almost double the amount of PS3 units.

And you know it Antan

Antan4275d ago

"Do Sony fanboys understand that it's hard to catch up when the PS3 constantly world wide sells less then the 360?"

And just to be might want to throw the european numbers in that equation to, if we are talking worldwide numbers add at least..... 600k on top of those figures you mentioned, and i think if my math is correct.....PS3 closed the gap by a healthy amount.

THAMMER14275d ago

I just have a hard time thinking that the PS3 will catch up to the Wii before 2008 or 2009. The Wii may break even with the 360 by 11,2007.

Antan4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

"Microsoft confirmed that 300,000 units were available for the European launch".

"By the end of 2005, Microsoft stated they sold 500,000 consoles in the region".

ssoooo....600k over a single weekend versus 500k upto end of 2005?

Is this me knowing it Mart? Tut tut..........

"if the PS3 will sell about the same as the 360, or just slightly more, the PS3 won't close the gap".

If it sells "slightly" more, the PS3 will close the gap "slightly".

P.S I wouldn`t "thrust" anyone!!

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