OXCGN Reviews: UFC Undisputed 2009 - Get ready for some octagonal brutality

With UFC becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the industry today it was no hard decision to cash in and make a UFC game to appeal to its massive number of fans. With YUKE's Future Media Creators having a plethora, and I mean plethora, of Smackdown/Raw wrestling games under it's belt, it was an easy choice to have them helm the task.

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gaminoz4998d ago

I didn't realise the control scheme awhile to get used to. Some people I know who don't like fighting games liked this one though.

REALgamer4998d ago

I never got the massive popularity of them. =S But then, the only fighting games I've ever enjoyed are the Dead or Alive series.

Godem4998d ago

i hate all sport/fighting games etc... so im never going to have this one in my collection.

Immortal Kaim4998d ago

I just want Fight Night :)

Superfragilistic4998d ago

Well this is a pretty good filler in the meantime.

Great fun with mates. And its freaking brutal! lol

XboxOZ3604998d ago

I dislike fighting games myself, but found myself quite taken by this. Because it wasn't just about hitting A or B all the time.

There's many ways in which to work the different styles of fighting, and each has its own method for movement. SO in the end, you have to either master one, or get very good at several.

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