Ten 360 Games You Haven't Played – Part 2

OXCGN Writes.

"Time for Part 2, finding ten 360 games you haven't played but really should. It would be nice if there was no need to write articles like this and all great games got the attention they deserve, but a lot of the financial success of a game is reliant on their marketing budget.

This means if the game isn't a sequel to an established franchise or isn't being pimped at trade conventions (like the upcoming E3 for example) it will often be overlooked, so it shouldn't be surprising that these last five games in the list are all original IPs."

gaminoz5387d ago

I didn't like TimeShift myself. Dark Sector started really well but got repetitive toward the end. The glaive was more important than the guns...but not a bad title for cheap!

clevernickname5387d ago

I liked TimeShift and thought it was a little underrated. The time control mechanic is actually quite cool, but like the glaive in Dark Sector the novelty soon wears off. Yeah, the storyline is a bizarre mess and the time control aspect is not fully realized with the use of intriguing puzzles, but the graphics are quite good and the combat is satisfying with some spectacular explosions.

I quite enjoyed Dark Sector. It was a challenge at first to nail down the glaive, but once that was done I thoroughly enjoyed finishing the game even though it did get repetitive.

indysurfn5387d ago (Edited 5387d ago )

Seeing that the xbox360 has over 500 games (more than any other console). I wonder how they chose these? Multiplatform games? There are way over two hundred that are not on PS3. HEllo! This is a PS3 fantoys dream list (to put the 360 down that is)

Aloren5387d ago

Timeshift was great imo, better than dark sector, though dark sector was still ok. They're in my collection in the "games that had a good idea that ended up being used too much" section, along with fracture...

Anyway, nice article, except that I own like 8 of those "ten 360 games I haven't played" :-D

ambientFLIER5387d ago

Timeshift's beginning and end missions were great, but the middle, in the forest, was pretty boring and repetitive.

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REALgamer5387d ago

I wouldn't have gotten something like Dark Sector at $100 when it came out, but if it's really cheap it's well worth it.

Godem5387d ago

I love enchanted Arms, I reckon its the 2nd best RPG on the 360 except for Lost Odyssey

REALgamer5387d ago

Was surprised how engrossing it was.

I'm still waiting for the aussie release of Star Ocean 4. =) I've been loving Infinite Undiscovery so anything from Tri-Ace (and Tri-Crescendo for Eternal Sonata) is always on my radar.

Immortal Kaim5387d ago

Never played Enchanted Arms, I suppose it's dirt cheap now, may have to pick it up.

Superfragilistic5387d ago

Not sure about enchanted arms.

But Viking and Too Human are definitely worth your dollars. Must be the Nordic stuff that does it for me! lol

But seriously both great fun, long playtime and some cool new ideas.

Godem5387d ago

Kaim, you gotta get Enchanted Arms its great fun! You can get it for cheap as now!

RememberThe3575387d ago

It's really freakin short for an RPG (8hrs), but for the price, it was definitely worth it. Every gripe I heard about was present, but not to the degree it was played up to be. The game had a ton of potential, but was just too short and unpolished.

Superfragilistic5387d ago


Too Human was a great idea, poorly executed.

I didn't have a complaint about the length because it's meant to be replayed over and over, but I had a serious complaintabout the lack of randomly generated levels, particularly when you level up and the enemies become much tougher and varied.

Hopefully they can fill out the story, figure out what to do with cyberspace (Resident Evil puzzles please!) and just improve the polish. But I hope they keep the dual joysticks, I actually came to love that.

indysurfn5387d ago (Edited 5387d ago )

NO!!!! After Lost odyssey by mistwalker the next best RPG is Blue dragon also by mistwalker. Then FableII by Microsoft. Then Star-Ocen IV by Square Enix-triace. Then tales of vesperia by namco. Then Last remnant by Square Enix. Then infinite undiscovery by Square Enix. The last three depends on the kind of fighting you like. I liked enchant arms, but it was all by itself, and the first next gen-ish RPG graphics. It is not in the top nine.

callahan095387d ago

Enchanted Arms was great. Perfect battle system!

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XboxOZ3605387d ago

Personally Ithink DICE's Mirror's Edge should be in there. A greatly underrated game, and an excellent game to test ones wits and speed. Which is what it is designed to do. Not run around killing as many ppl as possible.

Which is what so many complained it wouldn't or couldn't do . . well dah . . they are couriers, not merchs for heavens sake.

DelbertGrady5387d ago

Didn't like it at all. The level design was completely broken and left you with trial-and-error gameplay since you never knew where to go. Having to retry the same parts of the game over and over grows old pretty fast. Less art direction and more gameplay would have made it better.

Viking: Battle for Asgard is an awesome game. I recommend everyone to try it out.

Godem5387d ago

by the end of the game, it becomes more of a test of willpower, as you will be throwing your controller at the wall.

Superfragilistic5387d ago

Agreed mate. The level design just became trial and error and infuriating on higher levels. I'm still yet to finish it and don't plan to anytime soon.

Eliminat3r5387d ago

Great Read ! Good Stuff !

I would also add Import Tuner Challenge , one of my FAV 360 games.