Super-human 'soldier of the future' unveiled

The soldier of the future will be a drug-enhanced, gadget-equipped fighting machine with a powerful "exoskeleton" straight out of science-fiction, according to US defence officials.

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qface644069d ago

looks kind of lame if you ask me
its another military concept i have seen some that looked much better than this some that looked just so bad ass

but then again they aren't going for looks they are going for efficiency

sack_boi4068d ago

I hope he doesn't Red Ring...

Rise Kujikawa4068d ago

A halo fanboy is going to modify that suit so he could role play as master cheif

RememberThe3574068d ago

This what I was thinking. And the author had the nerve to quote fashion designers on what they thought of the suits "look".

But you know what? This is just a prototype. The US Military is all about looking badass (mental warfare), so I would expect then to redesign the suit as development moves forward.

Raz4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

I disagree - I think looks are almost as important. You'd want to intimidate your opponent, and that's hard to do in a getup like this. lol

Don't be fooled though, if the Pentagon gets their budget it'll end up looking a lot scarier. This is currently a mock-up they probably rigged out of hockey pads.

edit: ..What 1.5 said. ^_^

Tsar4ever014068d ago

Man that helmet really sucks. And the outer shell does resembles STARWARS stoomtroopers, Personaly I prefer the FUTURE Soldier from FCS the army trying to relise, Just look at the game Ghost Recon: AW. It seems more praticle.

PS360PCROCKS4068d ago

Lol @ 1.3 you made my morning. haha

ThanatosDMC4068d ago

What if you gotta pee or poop, how in the world would you have time to take care of your business. Not to mention people from HQ will know/see what you're doing.

edgeofblade4068d ago

This looks much more Storm Trooper than Master Chief...

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Spike474069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

"what is it supposed to accelerate?"
lol sooo corny

"a team is being assembled" lol.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34068d ago

Wonder how much money our military wasted on this monstrosity? How much you wanna bet its defective.

Gotta love the Military Industrial Complex, sorry Ike, they just wouldn't listen to ya

Minute Man 7214068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

the Military Industrial Complex, the one that Eisenhower warned us about they run the show.

Tito Jackson4068d ago

the GI JOE movie is gonna rock. You'll see.

SixZeroFour4069d ago

lol....US defense officials seem like theyve been getting into halo and the master chief

Narutone664069d ago

Otherwise, it'll ends up looking like power ranger.

SixZeroFour4068d ago

but there was a white ranger...lmao

might have looked better if the camo'ed the armor

Green Lantern24069d ago

cool i hope i get to be Master Cheif.

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The story is too old to be commented.