Modern Warfare 2 Screen Grabs

Edward V of TheKoalition writes: Want a better look of the new Modern Warfare 2 trailer. Here are a couple of screen grabs. They look just as amazing as the trailer.

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Finalfantasykid4059d ago

Thats the one that impressed me the most as well. Some decent lighting going on there.

bullswar4059d ago

Graphics sucks a$$ ... shame on you IW for letting your loyal fans down big time. Counter Strike graphics are better then MW2.

Tsar4ever014059d ago

I remember some article posted on N4G a week or 2 earlier about "Modern Warfare 2 graphics disappoints" Ya'll remember THAT BOGUS article? They didn't even show us anything and that BASTARD already started HATING. WHAT'CHA GOT TO SAY NOW that they show that new ingame trailer? It appears that their using the same graphic engine from the 1st COD:MW. And if so, SO F**KING WHAT!? It still looks GREAT. I want THAT bastard's HEAD that posted that "GRAPHIC DISAPPOINTS" earlier aticle.

I Ask if ALL COD:MW Fans and gamers abroad to find this guy, everybody line up in a great long line, have this guy walk the line while everybody give him a FULL PALM HAYMAKER SLAP ACROSS BOTH SIDES of his cheeks. LOL!!!!