Xbox 360 'Gears of War' bundle announced

OXCGN writes.

"With the recent trend of blockbuster games being packaged together (Game of the Year Bundle), it seemed that EPIC's blockbuster 'Gears of War' series was missing out on its very own package. Well fear not Gears of War fans (11 million of you, and counting), as Microsoft Australia have just announced a special 'Gears of War' bundle to be released on the 4th of June to participating retailers."

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XboxOZ3605002d ago

You just have to love the Australian Xbox team, they love Bundles just as much as we gamers do here, funny that. Now all I have to do is find a money tree, and I'll be home-n-hosed.

Jaces5002d ago

I'd prefer the Halo/Fable2 package, but this is a good one too.

Anon19745002d ago

Good choice for a console bundle.

IdleLeeSiuLung5002d ago

I wish the console was a limited Gears of War version. Now that would be nice!

I'm not so keen on just pack in games, but hey more for less is always good.

JokesOnYou5002d ago

"The More Bad Ass Bundle"

-lol, that name alone would sell the first mil


GameGambits5002d ago

LOL this bundle kinda makes me laugh. :P

It's like putting your two most "oopsies" together. Gears 2 still to this point is a mess and was a flop to anyone who likes non glitchy games. I mean by all means if you have a high tolerance to BS occuring while you are trying to have fun then more power to you. I played Gears 1 for 6 months straight and Gears 2 for about a month total.

My 360(thank god) still hasn't RROD, but packaging it with Gears 2(fails constantly) is just sort of silly to me in THAT sense. As a marketing idea it's genius, because as crappy as the MP is for Gears 2 it's still a game everyone should get around to playing this console generation.

:( Hopefully Gears 3 will be beta tested and put on dedicated servers if/when it comes out on the next Xbox.

DRUDOG5002d ago (Edited 5002d ago )

Interesting that this is announced now. You'd think this news would've made a nice addition to whatever they do at E3 (considering it comes out 4 June makes me wonder if someone didn't jump the gun).

BTW, this is a very enticing offer for someone like me who still doesn't have a 360 and only ogled Gears 1 at a buddy's house years ago.

EDIT: Just read below that this has been out since last year in the EU so disregard the first part of my comment. Didn't realize they have the GOTY pack too. Damn and my birthday is coming up soon, might have to jump in after all.

y0haN5002d ago

This bundle is not new, I got it at Christmas. Wut.

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Godem5002d ago

wtf no red console?! Blasphemy!

Immortal Kaim5002d ago

Yeah, strange they didn't use the Red console packaged with Resi 5? Either way, the package is pretty awesome.

REALgamer5002d ago

It would be awesome to have a black console with red trickles of blood down the side for a Gears bundle.

Or at least black with the Gears 'omen' logo (the red gear with the skull) on the side?

Superfragilistic5002d ago

Agreed, I saw the box and just expected the console to be red! lol

White looks better imo anyway.

qface645002d ago

man i swear to god theses bundles annoy me!
they decide to come out with all these new bundles right after i bought my 360 a while back
if this comes to the US just another reason why i should feel bad bout buying my 360 earlier D;

XboxOZ3605002d ago

The one thing console manafactures need to do is begin bring in some colour for special bundles. It would not be that more expensive obverall to do a run on a colour that would suit a new game, special edition etc, as they would make it back ten-fold in sales alone.

They did this when the 1st-gen xbox was in it's later years, and they sold MORE of the LE's than they did of the BBB. Which showed them that they were also selling to EXISTING owners, as well as new purchasers . . .

Come on guys, learn a lesson from earlier on, bring back the colours.

Sayai jin5002d ago

Agreed. I think this bundle should have came with some sort of Gears logo. It would be nice if they would do different color schemes. I guess that's what the skins are for.

REALgamer5002d ago

Looks like the days of packaging unwanted bargain bin games with consoles is over - now they're finally giving gamers what they want!

For 360:
Game of the Year bundle - Halo 3 & Fable 2
Gears of War bundle - Gears 1 & 2
Resident Evil 5 bundle - RE5 and red elite console

For PS3:
Killzone 2 bundle - Killzone 2
inFamous bundle - inFamous

Good reason for people to take the plunge in either console.

So does this mean the Gears and the Goame of the Year 360 bundles will be released around the same time? O_O

Immortal Kaim5002d ago

Yeah, awesome bundles.

The GotY bundle is supposedly out now, though the main difference between that and the Gears one is that the GotY bundle features an Elite.

I reckon Sony should do an Uncharted 1 & 2 bundle.

TheBand1t5002d ago


This man speaks truth.

PotNoodle5002d ago (Edited 5002d ago )

and the MGS4 backwards compatability bundle keeps popping up in retailers.

I agree though, i wish i was just coming into console gaming now.. i'd pick up a gears 2 bundle and a killzone 2 or inFamous bundle! (Couldn't get MGS4 one, not available in the UK).

kb8mvp815002d ago

@5.3 i noticed that MGS4 bundle with backwards compatibility is still alive. i also noticed if i post here i might get a bunch of disagrees lol

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