Should Apple Enter the Console Business?

It's a bit of a misnomer that Apple never supported gaming until recently Sure, most of this sudden burst of gamer-friendly content has come from the incredible successes Apple's seen with the iPhone and its downloadable applications, games and content, or 'apps'. However, their history with gaming – as a platform at least – stretches much farther back.

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qface644058d ago

no no and no
its already crowded enough with 3 competitors we don't need another one trying to buy their way to the top

Silver3604058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

It will only cost them a couple of billion dollars and about two console cycles to become profitable. And who would be left to buy it. The 360 and PS3 have the hardcore the Wii has the casual. It will be very tough to crack the market. And all the stories we keep hearing are about this generation or the next will will be the last console cycle.

-x.Red.x-4058d ago



pain777pas4057d ago

This may anger alot of people but I would exchange Apple for M$ in a heart beat or they should try and take their place. Apple if the nail control design and system specs are high they are software wizards and are innovative. Apple in gaming would be good at a cheap price. Knowing them they would overcharge for everything. I like these guys way more than M$ dont trust their Hardware as much as a Sony product and they have a long way to go to touch Nintendo's legacy in gaming. As far as I go Apple join the fray.

madpuppy4057d ago

the "Apple Console" will cost 2000.00 and on line will be like i-Tunes. that would be just great :P

Only show-offs with more money than brains would buy it...

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Kyur4ThePain4058d ago

They should just keep focusing on what they're already doing.

Johnny Rotten4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Anything Apple is like a cult so I'm sure there would be lots of followers.

On a side note, if it was to happen it would be the Wii's competition more so than the other ones.

zagibu4057d ago

If apple entered console business, the common fanboys we have to deal with would be far overshadowed by something too terrible to even conceive: apple console fanboys! There, I named the devil, armageddon will follow.

Forrest Gump4058d ago

Pretty sure it's going to happen.

kyleg4058d ago

nonono. but if they do its only going to be another over price peace of sh*t like there computers..................... ........

madpuppy4057d ago

Apple products are like the emperor's new clothes. People ooh and aah them but what you have in the end is overpriced computers and mp3 players that have so-so reliability.

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The story is too old to be commented.