AppGamer Review: Zenonia

AppGamer writes: "You're here with one thing in mind: to buy or not to buy? If you've ever played Mass Effect on the Xbox 360 or PC, you'll know exactly what I'll be referring to in the next 10 seconds. If you haven't, just picture it in your minds and bear with me. I love Bioware's western RPG, I love to death. In fact, it's my favourite game of all time. But remember when you first inserted that Mass Effect disc into the 360's disc tray and started playing it for the first 20-30 minutes? There were frame rate inconsistencies, drops, dips, stutters and the whole shebang. Though strangely enough, despite this, we Mass Effect fans came to realize that at the heart of its technical issues – the engaging storyline, detailed visuals, masterful soundtrack and killer gameplay were all ingredients in creating a triple-A title."

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REALgamer3435d ago

I love it - a lot like Link to the Past and the old SNES / GBA adventure games.

Finally, some lengthy, large-scale iPhone / iPod Touch games.

Chrysis3435d ago

The ammount of detail crammed in to a game less than 10mb is fully astounding. Best iGame so far?