Review Scores: Time for A Change?

"Game reviews have a long history in the games industry, and now are a large part of gaming itself. However, there have been many recent changes in game reviews. With these changes one thing is apparent, and that it is time that the review system gets a reboot. There are a lot of changes needed in the review system, however these changes need to come from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo (The Big Three). These console makers need their own console specific rating systems on their networks, similar to Itunes, to solve the problems with the current state of reviews. To be honest, reviews need to be in the hands of the many (GAMERS!) and not the few (IGN, Gamespot and 1UP). Even though sites like Metacritic have tried to alleviate some of the problems with reviews, they have their problems as well. Below, I will detail the problems of the current review system and why a console specific rating system on The Big Three's networks will solve them."

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PirateThom3432d ago

A console exclusive review system is a nice idea, but the problem is that it would have to supplement rather than replace current review scores.

Let's take a big name game like Halo or Gran Turismo, big sellers and big scorers on traditional systems. They have too many fans and haters who aren't going to look at them in any kind of subjective way.

On another note, we already know there's a lot of people who would give a game 10/10 by default for being exclusive.

I think review scores should be broken down into a tier system:

Must Buy

No scores, just a simple statement to say if a game is worth buying and make people, maybe, read the reviews for once and do away with Metacritic entirely. But, maybe I'm crazy.

dericb113432d ago

You are forget that to review a game his said that you must have played it up to a certain point. This could be told by you Trophies/Achievements if you have. I mean imagine a Metacritic review of 1/10 by a fanboy. This could be removed and them banned since they prolly don't own the game or even the system.

I think its a good idea since good games would look better. I mean Lair is not the greatest game but the Sixaxis controls that IGN swore did work were ok. And because of things like that could be said by more people some games may not fail as much. Facebreaker on the other would still get crap reviews lol. Its not worth the $10 I spent at Gamestop.

FamilyGuy3431d ago

If there were console specific rating for games and you could only vote on them once you've beaten the game. The ratings would also have category choices rather than simple 1-10 in overall game meaning:
1-10 gameplay
1-10 controls
1-10 graphics/glitches
1-10 replay value
1-10 sound track
1-10 overall fun

and so on.

ChickeyCantor3431d ago

" Must Buy

Eh no, i mean who is a reviewer to tell other gamers what to get or not?
I mean some games do get a 6 or lower, doesn;t mean everyone will think its a 6 or lower.
ratings are overrated( no pun intended) they should simply keep it at a review of words.
Cause at the end of that long read the "rating", for some reason has a huge impact anyway.

SpoonyRedMage3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

How I would do reviews is like this if I could:

A Sony only player
A Nintendo only player
A Microsoft only player
A nongamer

I'd have them all play the game for an hour or two, if it's multiplayer they'll play it together and then I'd have them decide whether the enjoyed it or not. If they enjoyed it, it counts as a 1/4 so if all 4 enjoy it it's a 4/4 and it means it's very enjoyable.

I'd also have them make a comment about the game about what they liked and didn't liked.

It'd also help avoid bias in my opinion because there'd be someone of an opposite console reviewing each game.

EDIT: Even better a PC gamer instead of a nongamer. But the reviews may get skewed.